Nepal water CRISIS



In Nepal there apx: 28,120,740 people there being that many people there has to be a large amount of water

Water poverty

there is a very large percent of poverty that is water related in Nepal 42% of people have little to no water.

water polution

whats wrong with the water?

Surface water is often polluted by industry,domestic waste, and

untreated sewage.

Access to water.

A lot of people don't have water in Nepal about 20% don't have water because there is not enough to support such a large community of people

how could we help?

to help we could clean out the rivers and water sources by netting the areas and then open more water treatment plants

Why not aquifers?

Because of the drought in Nepal there is not enough water to supply.

How many children died?

About 44,000 children die a year of waterborne illness.

How has population growth affected the water availability from surface water sources?

The more people that are born or moved to Nepal the less water they will have.

why is water so scarce?

the water in nepal is scarce because the water evaporates and it does not rain enough to refill the ponds and water ways