The cotton gin

Who was the inventor?

The inventor was eli whitney &

there was no one who made improvements?

How does the invention work?

First, the cotton balls were put into the top of the machine. Next, you turn the cotton through the wire teeth that combs out the seeds, then the cotton is pulled out of the wire teeth and out of the cotton gin.

What is the purpose of the invention?

The purpose of the machine was for removing the seeds from cotton fibers.

where did the invention occur?

It occured in england.

When did the invention occur?

It was built and designed in the year of 1793.

Why was there a need for the invention?

working by hand could once expect to produce only one pound of cleaned cotton per day. With the help of a cotton gin, fifty pounds could be cleaned in a day.

So with the help of the cotton gin business was booming.

Why is this invention important in history?

Because it helped with picking cotton from its seed faster so they could fill in the demands of cotton.


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