Reinventing Healthcare Class

with doTERRA Essential Oils

Become Empowered......

Linda has used doTERRA Essential Oils for over two years for her own healthcare needs and is excited to share their amazing potential with you. We invite you to find a better way - a more natural way of healing and caring for your family.
Free bottle of oil for all who attend!

Linda Hitsman's Home - Please RSVP to Linda by Oct. 25th - 661-373-9950 or

Saturday, Nov. 1st, 4pm

2535 Sand Creek Drive, Acton, CA

Come learn about the tremendous benefits of Essential Oils and how you can take control of your family's health by using them with natural, safe methods to remedy: colds, flu, fever, ear infections, headaches, anxiety, depression, asthma, skin conditions, back & neck pain, immune support, stress, fatigue and more.