Greek culture

It also influenced in other civilisations

Philosophy and science

  • In philosophy the Greeks were the first to use reasonto examine the nature of human beings and the world around them.
  • Some scientist were: Pythagoras in mathematics, Archimedes in physics and Hippocrates in medicine.
  • They also were important in geography and story, where they had a great influenced in our timelife.


  • Homer's epic poems were written in this period and were greatly admired.Greeks also wrote odes and lyrical poems.
  • Early theater developed from religius ceremonies. Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides wrote tragedies and Aristophanes wrote comedies.


  • Greeks believed in many gods, so they were polytheists.
  • They thought that gods lived in Mount Olympus, were Zeus was the supreme god. Photo1
  • They also believed in heroes, who were sons of gods and human beings.
  • Temples were places for praying and offering.
  • Greeks consulted to oracles, which comunicated messages for gods
  • The Olympic Games were sports competitions in honour of the gods.