Two Mills, Pennsylvania

The Best Place For Any Family

Welcome To Two Mills, Pennsylvania

Two Mills Pennsylvania, is filled with amazing family festivities, and activities. Our summer block parties, and beautiful zoos, will help you and your family stay connected. Our community zoo is filled with world class animals that includes a massive buffalo pen. Our terrific families, such as the Beales and Pickwells, help anyone and everyone.


Mars Bar Thompson

Mars Bar is definetly a person to avoid. When in the East End Mars Bar and his gang are always a threat. He can usually be found near Ash and Jackson, but he somehow always finds a way to get to you.

The Cobras and The Mcnabs.

The Cobras are definitely a threat to any West Ender. They usually can be found in there house, which is on Hector Street. They are able to attack anyone and everyone.

Finsterwalds House

One of the scariest houses in the whole of Two Mills. The Finsterwalds never come outside and never are invited to any block parties. Very few people have ever seen them. There house is said to be haunted. Any balls hit near there house or in there property are never returned.

The opposite End of what you Live In.

It is Nearly forbidden to cross the border. If you live in the East End you should definitely stay in the East End, and if you live in the West End you should definitely stay in the West End.



Grayson is one of the West Ends Most kind people. It is said to be that Maniac Magee lived with him for a very long time. He helps out people that need a home, and loves to play sports like baseball.

The Beales

The Beales are definitely one of the kindest families in the whole of two mills. They help out people in need, and help everyone. They are invited to all of the East Ends parties. Some people say that Maniac was living with them until someone told him to go to the West End.

The Pickwells

The Pickwells are a go to family for most people. They allow many people to join there family for dinner, and stay with them. Anyone in need is welcome to join the Pickwell Family for there daily dinner, and family festivities.

Maniac Magee

Although finding him is very difficult, Maniac Magee is a trustworthy, law abiding, and kind citizen of Two Mills that does not see the difference between the West End (white people), and East End (black people). He usually can be found in the community zoo, however he sometimes is on Hector street with the Mcnabs, at the Pickwells for dinner, or with the Beales and Mars Bar Thompson in the East End.


Play Football & Baseball

Almost All the people in the East End And the West End go outside during the summer and spring days. In the East End people Like Mars Bar and Hands Down are always playing football in the local Vacant lot. In the West End John Mcnab and the Cobras enjoy playing baseball in the local parks.

Spend A Lively Encouraging Day in the Community Zoo.

One of the only places in the whole of Two Mills, where both people from the East and West End can both come together. Two Mills's Community zoo contains varieties of animals, like buffaloes.

Go To The Pickwells House for An Dinner.

Go to the Pickwells house for an enjoyable dinner. The Pickwells always host people for lovely dinners, and they definitely will be OK to host you to a out of the world meal.

Go To the Park, and Enjoy A run.

Running is one of the most energizing activities. Running in Two Mills's lovely park shows just how much liveliness the town of Two Mills has. Rumor has it that Mars Bar and Maniac used to run everyday together.



The people in the West End love to play baseball. We love to go down to the park mainy summer days and attempt to hit John Mcnabs "Stopball" and his unbeiliebly fast fastball.


People like Hands Down, Maniac Magee, and Mars Bar enjoy playing football everyday. In the East End people play Football every summer day.


Stick ball is a game that is played in all of Two Mills. Throughout the Year The kids in the community enjoy playing friendly games of stick ball.


Mars Bar Thomspon and Maniac Magee run everyday. Many people throughout Two Mills Enjoy running near Two Mills's Park, located near the railroad tracks.


Butterscotch Krimpets

One of Two Mills most popular snacks, butterscotch krimpets. For many , butterscotch krimpets are a go to food. They creamy the butterscotch inside, and the creamy outside makes anyone happy.


Pizza is one two mills's best foods. Places like Cobbles Corner sell some of the best Pizzas in the world.


Two Mills makes some of the best cakes. People like Grayson and Maniac Magee enjoy eating two mills's tasty cakes and the local diner. Although Mrs.Beale is said to make some of the best cakes, all cakes in Two Mills are enjoyable.


The people in Two Mills make a lot of different varieties of potato. Although people usually make mashes potatoes, we also are very known for our potato chips, potato salad, and potato soup.


Do Not Talk To Strangers

Make sure you do not talk to strangers. Talking to strangers can always lead to bad things. When you talk to strangers you will end up talking to Mars Bars and John Mcnab and get in bad fights with the Cobras and the people in the East End.

Find a Home Base Or Shelter And Stay There

You have to make sure you find a home base. A place where you sleep at night. This is so that you can be able to keep all your stuff safe. Most people say that Maniac Magee had his home base as the buffalo pen located in the community zoo.

When Out Always Keep Running

Maintaining a good speed is always important. If your every in trouble and someone is chasing running can always intimidate someone.

Try To Stay With A Pack

Staying with friends or a pack keeps your safety at the max. This makes sure that when your outside you hae the max safety, and that people like Mars bar do not attack you.


Cobble's Connor

Go to Cobbles Corner and try some of there delicious pizzas. They sell milkshakes, and snacks like butterscotch krimpets.

The Zoo

Spend A Lively day in the zoo. In this zoo you are able to see many animals like buffaloes. This zoo contains some of the best animals.


The YMCA in Two Mills contains an indoor swimming pool, and many rooms. Some people say Maniac Magee actually lived in one of the rooms for a very long time.

Go to The Diner

One of the Best Diners in the world, is located in Two Mills. It is very near the YMCA and sells some of the very best food.
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