I Am Malala

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Book Summary

"Who is Malala? I am Malala and this is my story." Malala Yousafzai 7. A young girl in Pakistan faces troubles when the Taliban takes over the Swat Valley. They have placed rules upon them, women now do not have the right to an education, they have a curfew, and women are not allowed to walk freely without a male figure with them. Malala, very unhappy with these cruel laws, speaks out for her right to education and almost pays the ultimate price. While getting death threats from the Taliban, she continued on, then, on an October day riding the bus home from school, she was shot in the head. She had then been transported to a Birmingham hospital where she would then recover and never be silenced She now lives there with her family. They had tried to silence her once, but at one failed attempt they had just made her word louder and louder.
The story of Malala Yousafzai

Character Analysis

Malala is currently an 18 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes although, one eye is smaller than the other because of her gunshot. Seen on the back cover of her book "I did not care how I looked. I was alive and standing up for what I believed in and that is all that matters." Malala has 5 people in her family, her, her two brothers, and then her parents who are all very supportive of her. Malala is a very brave and inspirational who can always lift people up when there down.


During Malala's life and in her book she is faced with many conflicts that shape her to be the way she is today. The main conflicts is when she faced a character vs. society, character vs. character, and character vs. self. She encountered the character vs. society first, "...but also people like the Taliban who think girls should not go to school." Malala 5 this happened when the Taliban started fighting in and near her city, bombing common building around the city. The only way she resolved this was by her campaign which also brought more conflicts later on. Then, the character vs. character was physical, when the men from the Taliban came onto her school bus that October day and dared to silence her word. "He swung himself onto the tailboard in the back and leaned right over us...that's when he pulled put a pistol." Malala 9. The last main conflict was character vs. self, this conflict is the fight to save her life in the hospital recovering from the gunshot. "I was Mentally dead. He was devastated." Malala talking about her dad's view on her in the hospital, 261. During this time Malala had resolved it by staying strong in the hospital without her family with her at times and being grateful to still be alive. These conflicts have made her stronger and have shaped her to be the person she is.
9 reasons why girls' education matters

Book Review

I would rate this book a 4-5 stars because of its ability to effect you emotionally. This book can bring sadness into you and then make you feel like your invincible the next. With Malala's story she can be very uplifting and then change dramatically. This story will have you in a roller coaster of emotions in 3 chapters.


The theme I thought could most relate to this book is "Never be afraid to change the world", this was my lesson because I myself am very shy when it comes to important decisions and situations and Malala is the complete opposite. She always stands up for her beliefs no matter what the situation might be, and for this she did change the world. Malala speaking on the situation had said in her book, "I am a patriot and I love my country and for that I would gladly sacrifice it all", and that is exactly what she did. She had put it all on the line and had changed the world, fearlessly.
"If your voice held no power, they wouldn't try to silence you." This quote relates to Malala in a very strong way because of the power in her word, what she says has an effect on people. As Malala had said, "They had tried to silence me but instead, my word had just gotten louder." This also is very meaningful because it shows the power and the meaning her campaign had.

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