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Express Yourself! Harnessing the 4 Cs with EVERGREEN APPS


It’s a limiting and narrow vision that blinds many educators to a broader and more powerful truth:With iPads, students can create just about anything, anywhere, at any time. The creative learning possibilities for student demonstrations of knowledge and understanding are limited only by the imagination. As HarvardX Research Fellow Justin Reich puts it: “Educators shouldn’t think of iPads as repositories of apps, but rather as portable media creation devices.” Incredible opportunities for active, immersed learning emerge when educators reflect on “how a small suite of apps related to annotation, curation, and image, audio, and video production [can] support diverse student performances of understanding.”

"Once educators focus on the iPad’s creative learning potential, they can start to cultivate a small set of “Evergreen Apps” into almost limitless instructional possibilities. Evergreen Apps—such as iMovie, Garage Band, Explain Everything, Paper53, Inspiration, Animoto, VoiceThread, and Doodlecast—are non-subject apps useful throughout the year for speaking, writing, listening, drawing, annotating, curating, collaborating, sharing, and more. (Note: I did not coin the term “Evergreen Apps,” and it might have originated with Frasier Speirs.) Instead of trying to find an app to teach every curriculum topic (an impossible feat and a waste of time), educators instead can integrate Evergreen Apps, along with perhaps a few select content apps, to foster student creativity and innovation.
And all the Evergreen Apps teachers need to cultivate powerful learning environments can fit onone screen."- Tom Daccord

THE EVERGREEN iPAD- Why All of your Apps Should Fit on One Screen

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