I am the "TIN" Man

Description of Tin

Tin has a atomic number of 50, an has a color of a silvery, lusterous grey.
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History of Tin

Tin has been around for a very long time and it has been known to be around during ancient times. Tin was going to be used for harder materials but this element is way too soft to be used for anyhting hard.

Properties of Tin

Research has shown that very small amounts of tin have been found in rats. Also, tin has a melting point 231.93 degrees celsius and a boiling point of 2602 degrees celsius and has a density of 7310 kg. Tin's atomicn symbol is Sn. Also, tin is in group 14 on the periodic table and is in period 5. Tin has an atomic weight of 118.710.

Uses of Tin

Tin is used for bactericides and fungicides.

Interesting facts about Tin

When tin is heated, is forms SnO2. Tin aslo has 50 electrons. Also Cornwall, England was famous for its tin mines.

Tin Found in The Body and The Earth

Tin is found in the body and has 200ppb and tin is found in the earth with 4ppb by weight.