W.E.B Dubois

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

What's on My Mind?

W.E.B Dubois was instrumental in the early beginnings of the Civil Rights movement. He believed that the facts written in the Declaration of independence hold true, and that all men were created equal. He believed that African Americans deserved the same rights as whites. Dubois held that African Americans would gain their equality by educating themselves and proving their worth in society.

Recent Activites

I recently worked with African American children, educating them so that they may be productive members of society. I hope that my efforts show the worth of African Americans in the American society and gain my people equality.

Recent posts

Dubois: African Americans deserve to be equal to whites.

Marx: The only way is class warfare!!!

Comte: I feel you Dubois, I feel that equality is necessary for the improvement of society.

What's Bothering Me

I take issue with Herbert Spencer's ideas of social Darwinism. He is essentially saying that blacks do not have rights because they are not fit enough to survive. I find this claim to be ridiculous and have no basis in fact. He is a distasteful person and deserves nothing but ridicule.

Herbert Spencer: Chill man