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FHx COC Private Server is a COC game that goes beyond the original Clash of Clans server. By having a private server itself, FHx can make a variety of unique things that do not exist on the COC normally.

Clappers play with Clash Of Clans Mod FHx V8 This latest is that we can train strategy attacking best to attack TH larger or TH max and gentlemen, so if we later had reached the town hall max in game Clash Of Clans that actually that of the original game artificial (supercell) we do not hesitate anymore when using an attack that has so far we have learned in FHx V8.
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Download COC FHx Server Free

When a new first run FHx COC, each player will be given resource:
• 800,000,000 Gold
• 800,000,000 Elixir
• 800,000,000 Dark Elixir
• 800,000,000 Gems

Features FHx COC
In addition to the abundant resource when the first new play, FHx Private Server COC also provides several unique features that you can use to play CoC private server.

Hero FHx Private Server COC

• P.E.K.K.A King
• Goblin King
• Giant King
• Wall Breaker King
• Wizards King
• Super Wizards King
• Golem King
• Hog King
• Lava King
• Ballon King
• Minion King
• Dragon King
• Valkyrie Queen
• Witch Queen
• damager Queen
• Super Archer Queen
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Download COC FHx No Root

Building Tower FHx Private Server COC

• Dragon Tower
• Witch Towers
• Archer Tower (Special Edition!)
• Barbarian Tower
• damager Healer Tower

Other Features FHx Private Server COC

• Level 300
• 500 / Slot Army Camp
• Unlock All Traps
• Unlock All Decoration
• Unlock Gem Package
•And many more
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