Drake Direct

August 2018- Welcome to Drake edition

Class schedules will NOT be open Tuesday at 4:00p.m. Due to technology issues, we will delay the opening of schedules until further notice. Please check emails or the Drake News for updates.

Welcome to 2018-2019! Calendar and schedule changes at Drake.

Drake is ready for our Pirates! We have prepared an amazing Day One for our students and have a terrific year of learning all ready to go! There are a few changes you need to be aware of as we move into 2018-19.

First, our school calendar changed. A few single days for professional development changed. Rather than professional development, these are now days off for our teachers and students. These two days in October and March have been moved to the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week, giving us the whole week off. We will continue to have September as a holiday for Yom Kippur. Our school calendar is here.

Second, we have modified the Monday bell schedule to better accommodate our classes. We will run all even-numbered classes together and then all odd-numbered classes. So Mondays will begin with 2nd period. Please help your student remember this for Monday August 27th! The link to our new bell schedule for Mondays is here.

Volunteers Needed!

The opening of school requires our parent volunteers to pitch in. Please access these links to volunteer for our Day One activities.

For our BBQ volunteers : sign-up here!

For our pictures and student supplies: sign-up here!


Drake 101 Information Night... for our freshmen and "New to Drake" parents. Monday August 20th @ 6:30pm in Student Center

Questions about freshmen schedules, Day One activities and school supplies...read on.

Freshmen cannot access our online reporting center until the students have the opportunity to open an account on campus, thus freshmen cannot access their schedules online. Our freshmen can receive their schedules on Thursday, August 16th at 10:00 am in front of the main office. We will also have a copy on Day One for students who do not pick them up this Thursday, August 16th. The Counselors will be available on Thursday from 10:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m. if there are issues in the freshmen schedules.

Regarding Day One for all students, students do not attend their regular class schedule but rather a number of workshops and events during the first day of school. Students do not need to bring any school supplies but need to bring all their paperwork from our summer mailer. We also take school photos on Day One, so students should look their best!

All school supplies needs will be communicated to students in class during the first few weeks of school. We recommend waiting to purchase supplies until students learn from their teachers what they need for their classes.

REACH DRAKE- 2018-19 School Goals

Welcome to REACH DRAKE. Every year we choose a theme to provide us direction and motivation for the year, and this year we chose REACH! We will reach-out to support all students, reach-up to provide the fullest potential for our students, reach-in to take care of ourselves, and reach-through to make connections with students. This is what is exciting about with our theme - it suggests an offer…of support, of potential, and of love. REACH DRAKE….let’s see what we can REACH this year!

Every year, each school submits their school plans for student achievement to the local school boards and the state. Our Single Plan for Student Achievement can be found on our website. In a nutshell, our work for this year will focus on:

  • Continued focus on instruction: providing effective, equitable and supportive strategies for all students.
  • Increasing opportunity for all students: building and developing our AVID program to provide high-quality and equitable services for all students both in AVID and across classrooms, through AVID instructional strategies.
  • Developing school practices that support student growth: continuing our work with both Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice to build a school culture that fosters trust, collaboration, equity and prevention of harm.

All of our work is a continuation of our six-year WASC action plan, which focuses on academic instruction, student growth and wellness, and equity and access for all students. These align with our district LCAP goals. We look forward to another awesome year of serving all students with Pirate Pride!