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Before you decide to travel to Canada, and you have any criminal history you will have to verify your entry status. Even minor offenses such as a DUI (Driving under the Influence) can render you inadmissible. According to immigration rules that people who have received a criminally inadmissibility to canada and status will not be able to visit Canada without receiving special authorization.

A criminal inadmissibility lawyer can help you overcome this problem in three different ways. These will include:

•Obtaining TRP (Temporary Resident Permit)

•By “deemed” criminal rehabilitation that is due to a passage-of-time.

•Criminal rehabilitation

TRP (Temporary Resident Permit)

You or your criminal inadmissibility lawyer can apply for TRP (Temporary Resident permit) at either a port-of-entry or “Canadian” visa office. A TRP is a requirement until your specific “criminal inadmissibility is removed, this will apply to the following:

•Less than 5 years has gone by from your completed sentence or,

•Over 5 years have passed from your completed sentence, but you haven’t received a decision on your criminal rehabilitation.

According to the Canadian rules regarding immigration, the requirement that involves obtaining TRP’s would be to demonstrate your reasons for visiting Canada. Typically, the government will want a reason that van be related to a person’s job or work, an emergency or family. In most cases TRP”s are normally sought by persons in transportation industries such as truck drivers, flight attendants, pilots etc., or people in sales or events that have these minor offenses that can bar them from entering Canada.
entering Canada with a DUI
If you are one of these types of people, and you are able to provide an application that will demonstrate your need is significant enough to visit Canada as well as that the country could benefit from your stay, you will more than likely be granted with a TRP. Your success rate will be dependent on the “nature” behind your reason for entering the country and how strong your application is viewed

Immigration rules for Canada highly suggest that you should apply in advance for your TRP if you know you will need to travel to Canada and you have been judged as inadmissible. Presently it can take up to several months in order to process TRP’s at Canadian consulates in areas such as the U.S. You can however, apply at a port-of-entry on your attempt to travel to the country, but you can risk being refused and turned away.

Deemed Rehabilitation

The immigration rules pertaining to Canada discuss that any individual, who has received a conviction of only 1 non-serious offence that has occurred outside of the country, can be “deemed” rehabilitated once 10 years have gone by from their sentence date was completed. This will include any suspensions, payment of your fine and probation.

Your single offense can not equate to serious offences under the Canadian laws. If the sentence has a maximum sentence that is equal to a Canadian offense of 10 years up, then the offense will be considered “serious criminality.” If you have been convicted of a more serious offence such as a DUI that caused death or bodily injuries, you will never receive a “deemed” rehabilitation from any length of time.

This “Deemed Rehabilitation” is additionally available for those convicted with what is known as “summary” offenses. These offenses are viewed as very minor. Examples of these offenses can include trespassing in the night that causes disturbances, indecent types of phone calls. If you have committed one of these offenses or more that are all equivalent to “summary” offenses, you can received deemed rehabilitation after period of five years.
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Criminal Rehabilitation Regarding Immigration Rules In Canada

Criminal rehabilitation can be described best as a type of application process where you can request “absolution” from Canada’s government for one crime or more that you have committed in your own country or outside Canada. Once you complete criminal rehabilitation successfully, you will be presented with a clean-slate, which means you will not be required to apply again for permission of entry into Canada.

It is also advisable that you apply for a TRP and criminal rehabilitation. This method will increase your chances of visiting the country with a TRP while your criminal-rehabilitation application is reviewed. The TRP method can be viewed as a “temporary” solution, while your criminal rehabilitation will offer you with a “permanent" solution.

Hiring A Criminal Inadmissibility Lawyer

An experienced and skillful immigration lawyer will be able to assist you with the right application process as well as recommend strategies to use in order for you to gain entry into Canada. In addition, with the assistance regarding criminal rehabilitation and TRP applications, your criminal inadmissibility lawyer can prepare a letter with a legal opinion that will explain why you are not criminally admissible because your conviction is not viewed as equivalent to any type of Canadian offense, or when you have never been convicted relating charges brought against you. These legal letters are also used for explaining deemed rehabilitation due to the fact that there is no “official” immigration application available.

The government in Canada will not facilitate these admissibility applications and employees of the Government will not answer any phone inquiries. In addition, the government’s website on immigration is actually incomplete. This is due to a number of cutbacks that have caused Canadian consulates to no longer have a walk-in-service. This now applies for any applications that are associated with the country Canada. In addition, processing and requirements changes to this application occur quiet frequently.

This means that it is very important that if you have a DUI on your record or any other type of offence that you consult with an expert before you even attempt to try and cross over to the “Canadian” border. Only lawyers such as criminal inadmissibility lawyer that has received certification from a provincial-bar-association (PBA) or the person is an immigration consulted for Canada that has been certified, can get the authorization necessary to represent you in your immigration application to Canada.