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BFPP provides support for home learning, offers enrichment classes, and facilitates community connections through parent workshops, student clubs, and family activities.

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Please fill out the following forms to register for the Family Partnership Program. For questions, please call 360 676-6424.

Registration forms for Bellingham Public Schools

Transfer Forms (one of these is required)

Kindergarten Forms (in addition to the other forms)

Volunteer Application

Home Learning

Learning Plan Partner- LPP: Every family enrolled at BFPP has a LPP (teacher) from whom they receive support and guidance as needed. Families check in with their LPP via email, zoom, or phone to receive support and review student progress. LPPs also assist by ordering materials needed for home learning, brainstorming ideas, facilitating registration in enrichment classes, and lending a listening ear. They are a great first point of contact for most questions or concerns.

Written Student Learning Plan- WSLP: Every student enrolled at BFPP has a WSLP developed by their family and LPP to guide and document their home learning. These WSLPs are unique to each student and family.

Ordering Materials: Your LPP will help you order learning materials that you need to support your Student Learning Plan goals, such as workbooks, manipulatives, textbooks, and more. You can check materials out of BFPP's growing curriculum library, and we also order materials locally from Launching Success as well as online. All non-consumable learning materials need to be returned to BFPP when you're finished using them. Materials must be non-biased and free of religious content for us to purchase them.

Weekly Contact

Weekly contact is a requirement by the state to ensure the family partnership program is maintaining contact and claiming funding for actively enrolled families. Weekly contact is currently being accomplished by LPPs and families checking in through Zoom, phone calls, and emails. Your Learning Plan Partner will work with you to set up a weekly contact method and schedule. Intended as a brief check-in, weekly contact is a great time for social and emotional support.

Monthly Reviews

Monthly reviews between Learning Plan Partners and Family Partners are a mandatory state program requirement. We follow this expectation because it is required but also because we believe this process is critical for the success of our partnership. During our review meetings we get the chance to learn more about families, adjust learning goals, and individualize learning plans and needs.

Before talking with your learning plan partner each month, please take time to:

  • review your child's learning plan and determine which goals have been met
  • determine whether any goals should be revised or adjusted
  • note any new instructional plans for the upcoming month
  • celebrate the learning that’s taking place each month

During each monthly review, the Learning Plan Partner takes into consideration many different factors: student life situation, effort, attitude, etc., before making a professional judgment whether a student has made satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress (designations required by the state). While the Learning Plan Partner makes the final determination, this process is a collaborative discussion with the student and family.

Helpful Hints and Tools

Please come to your monthly review meeting prepared for a conversation with your Learning Plan Partner. Progress notes may be requested from the LPP to assist with the conversation and documentation of progress ahead of meeting time.

Here are some guiding questions to assist in the collaborative monthly review process:

1. What goals, topics, concepts, or skills did you introduce, continue to study, or review this month?

2. What things did you do? (e.g. workbook pages, projects, journals, lessons, units, presentations)

3. How did the student do on them? (e.g. needed some assistance, completed with mastery, etc.)

4. Did you have any discussions, group collaboration or field trips related to the class?

5. Were there any areas of challenge that you will be revisiting or would like to receive suggestions on how to approach?

It is also wonderful to share examples of work, photos, videos or demonstrations with your Learning Plan Partners. Provide detailed and thoughtful comments for each area of instruction. Remember, you are describing the instructional progress for an entire month. Provide specific information about the learning and the materials used (those from the learning plan or others you discovered such as on-line resources, excursions, library resources, etc.). Note the areas of suspected difficulty, celebrate the progress made, and indicate any changes you anticipate for the coming month.

Enrichment Classes

BFPP offers a wide variety of enrichment classes.

These classes are typically:

  • supplemental to home-based instruction,
  • multi-grade,
  • held once a week for an hour, and up to 3 hours
  • limited to a class size maximum around 16 students,
  • hands-on, interdisciplinary, and highly engaging.

Examples of enrichment classes offered in the past: Board games, Spanish, Ukulele, Rippin' Writers, Vegetarian Cooking, Makerblog, Process Art, Sewing, Lego, Coding, Sensory Science, Drama, Hand Drumming, Mountains to Sound, Marine Biology, Kindergarten Experience, Book Club, Math and Art.

Some classes last one semester, and some may continue the whole year.

Registration for classes typically occurs twice per year; at the start of first semester in the fall and then again in late January for second semester.

For the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, families may choose from classes onsite at Larrabee school, remote classes via Zoom, and excursion classes held at parks and other community locations. Students first register for up to three classes during the registration window, then more as space allows during open enrollment.

Here are things to consider when deciding how many enrichment classes your child will take:

  • The purpose of the enrichment classes is to supplement your home learning program

  • How many classes feels like a sustainable load to your family schedule?

  • Are you allowing enough time and transition to support the rhythms and routines of your learner?

  • In our experience, we've seen that the "right-fit-for-most" is no more than 2 class days on campus for our younger learners and 3 class days on campus for our older learners

  • Talk to your LP for further information and insight

Learning Experiences Online (LEO)

For students in grades K-5, BFPP offers online courses in the 4 core subjects (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math) via the Accelerate Education platform.

For students in grades 6-8, the platform is Edgeunity, and again is with the 4 core subjects.

Your LPP (Learning Plan Partner) can help you add one or more of these courses to your child's SLP (student learning plan).

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Volunteer Application for Parents and Guardians

All parents and guardians remaining on-site with open access to the campus are asked to complete the district volunteer application. Please contact your LPP with questions.

BFPP Family-Led Clubs

Student/Parent-driven clubs are a fun and integral part of BFPP. Past clubs have included math club, Pokemon club, chess club, kindness club, and several others.

Click here for a description of current clubs at BFPP.

Are you interested in starting a club? Spend some time thinking about the Topic, Purpose, and Format of your club. Then contact your LPP with your idea!

Using AL*e

Our student information system is called AL*e. On the AL*e website you can view your learner's SLP and register for enrichment classes.

AL*e Parent Login

AL*e Parent Login Instructions

How to Use AL*e to Register for Classes

BFPP 2022-2023 School Year Calendar

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Online Educational Resources

As you build your Student Learning Plan (SLP) with guidance from your Learning Plan Partner (LPP) , consider these online resources.

Online Resource List (Google Doc)

Stay in Touch with BFPP

Here are the ways you can learn about school news, events, and activities:

Have Questions?

Your Learning Plan Partner (LPP) is a great first point of contact.

BFPP Staff Directory

Twice Monthly School Newsletters

Newsletter Archive






Facebook Groups

Looking to connect with other families at our partnership program or in our larger homeschooling community? Check out these Facebook groups. They're a great way to hear about homeschooling opportunities in our community, get advice from other families, and find quick answers to those burning school questions!

Bellingham Family Partnership Program Parents Facebook Group

Homeschoolers of Whatcom County Facebook Group

Family Partners - We Need You!

BFPP is designed to provide families with support and materials that assist them in teaching their children in an effective and enriching way. Along the way, we hope that families will recognize the power of their role and see that they can strengthen their student’s learning by extending their abilities and talents to the whole community.

Therefore, to create the richest learning experiences for our families, our expectation is that they will get involved and jump into something they enjoy. By sharing parts of yourself-your passions, experiences, knowledge, and positivity- with the community, you are being a partner to the program.

We greatly encourage partnering! Remember that our greatest resource is our human resource. Share yourself to make this the learning community you have always envisioned.

Ways to partner include:

• Connect with other parents to share homeschool journeys

• Advise a club: music, chess club, debate, poetry, Pokémon, D&D, trail walking, games, etc.

• Organize a field trip or community activity

• Share your resources and expertise via the school newsletter or parent workshops

• Organize adult learning opportunities, share curricular resources, articles, book groups, etc.

• Participate in a school-wide committee (staff appreciation, fundraising/grant writing, Scholastic book orders, spirit wear orders, green team, etc.)