zeus by: Jose Garcia

10 facts about Zeus

Zeus was married to his sister Hera. He was the father of the gods. he received this title by defeating his father. Zeus was the god of the sky. Zeus won the the draw and became supreme ruler of the gods. Zeus could create all natural phenomena related to air and sky. his weapon was a thunder bolt. he was also called Dias Jupiter. Zeus was regarded by the Greeks as the god of all natural phenomena. he ascertained that each deity perform their individual duty. zeus's father and mother was cronus and rhea. zeuses children are hebe, hephaestus, and ares.
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The Greek Gods

I choose Zeus because

Zeus is the most interesting.and he is the ruler of all the gods and goddesses. I am strong like him. And i am smart like him. And I am powerful like him. I also choose him because he is the brightest.