WCS Community Stakeholder Bulletin

November 2021

Dear WCS Stakeholder,

With the launch of our 2021-2025 strategic plan, we are excited to be launching this newsletter to share updates and celebrations with you in real-time. This is a great place to find out what is going on within the Warsaw Schools and how you can get involved!

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This month...

Warsaw Community Schools held our annual Strategic Planning session with members from each of our pillar teams: Adaptability, Inclusivity, Experience, and Empathy. Attendees included WCS staff, students, parents, and community members. The full-day retreat provided updates from the 2020-21 school year, results of the 2021 strategic planning survey, and time dedicated to planning out the 2021-22 strategic planning initiatives.
State of WCS Presentation with Dr. David Hoffert, Superintendent

Whats Next?

Pillar teams will meet monthly to continue making progress on their implementation plans. Updates, celebrations, and roadblocks will be shared through this newsletter to keep internal and external stakeholders informed. Their first updates can be found in the next section. Stay tuned for the exciting work ahead!
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Empathy Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Empathy in Action
The Empathy team is excited to report that they are well on their way with their 90-day action plan. There is a focus on developing a common "empathy" language to have great discussions when diving into the curriculum and literature. Sources of Strength at WCHS is planning several campaigns: We Belong, Kindness Week, and Impact Day. There are also plans for WCS staff wellness days including developing virtual calming rooms and working with Blue Apron Restaurant.


Adaptability Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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The Adaptability Team is working on expanding their team. As they think about the future for our students, they are also focused on defining skills needed for jobs that don't even exist yet. The Adaptability Team is also looking at current practices and curriculum to identify ways to integrate adaptability goals. One goal is well underway - Project-Based Learning (PBL). Another highlight is the Personal Finance curriculum and courses.


Inclusivity Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Title III Grant: WCS Inclusivity
The Inclusivity Team is excited to continue to support each school's wish for Welcome Poles and Inclusivity Signage. The Welcome Pole at Edgewood was a collaborative project by students that fosters inclusivity through language. Another goal is to create student groups within schools to give feedback on the WCS Strategic Plan and guide future initiatives around inclusivity. Members of the Inclusivity Team will be developing a rubric to vet curriculum materials. Highlights include the development of a Heritage Student mentorship with BSU, new books & enrichment resources for all school libraries that celebrate diversity, and Implicit Bias Training from the IDOE for all WCS employees.


Experience Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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The Experience Team shared that WCHS/WACC staff will learn more about the Strategic Plan's 4 Pillars during a professional development time in January. They are working on a community packet for career pathways and ensuring more information is shared with middle school students and families. The Experience Team is collaborating with Rob Parker, Chamber of Commerce, to build a video library on opportunities in the community to EXPERIENCE different career options. They are also expanding their community partnerships to bring more stakeholders to the table to discuss how we can create more awareness of experience opportunities.


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