Tuesday's Techy Tip

App of the week

Study Blue

Some of you maybe have heard of this App. It is called Study Blue and it is an easy to use app that allows students or teachers to make flash cards to study between classes or at down time. Once you sign up, you can add your class to our high school. This is how I know some of you already use Study Blue because your class was listed under Meade County High School. If you don't use it, some of your students do.

It has a feature where you can search your textbook by ISBN to see if there are materials to upload from your textbook. If not, you can make flashcards for definitions, list of items to learn, formulas, dates, etc or upload notes.

You can put items on the app under your class or students can create study cards.

You can also search various subjects and find cards already made on many subjects.

Whether we like to admit it or not, students use their phones for many things. If they download this app, they could study the flash cards on their phones during long bus rides, or when they have down time away from school. If they download the app on their iPad, they can do the same thing at school.

This app will also give you stats on how many you guessed right and which items you need to study more.

It is used by many high school and college students and comes recommended by college students everywhere.

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This quick newsletter was made with Smore.

Smore.com is a wonderful user friendly web site to allow you to make flyers that look very professional and informative. You get so many fliers free and when you share smore.com on twitter or facebook, you can earn more free fliers.

You can track how many people read your fliers and in what states or countries.

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