Native Americans Housing

Braden Brashear


Comanches lived in tepees made from buffalo skins. They Didn't have permanent villages, they followed buffalo throughout Northwest Texas.
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Apaches have two different types of houses depending on where they lived in Texas. The wikiups were more permanent houses built from tree saplings covered with bark or grass. Tepees were more temporary and could be moved easily when hunting buffalo


The Caddos had 30 foot dome-shaped houses. They would make a wood frame from tree limbs and cover it with tall grasses and marshes.
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Tonkawas live in large buffalo-hide tents. The tents are made so the whole camp can pack up and leave within an hour.
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Karankawas lived in small huts made from sapling tree trunks or limbs bent over and tied together. They would cover the limbs with woven grass mats, palm leaves, or animal skins.
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The Coahuiltecans lived in wickiups like the Apaches. They made the wickiups from brush and branches
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