Pat Tillman

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- Pat Tillman Was born on November 6, 1976.

- He was an American Football Player

- Tilman's considerable talent landed him a scholarship to Arizona State University.

- He left his amazing and famous career to join the United State Army in 2002.


"Passion Is What Makes life Interesting, What Ignites Our Soul, Fuels Our Love And Carries Our Friendships, Stimulates Our Intellect, and Pushes Our Limits".

- He made 238 tackles through all his life time.

Influencial !

- Pat Tillman was a professional football player he had a great career. In 2001 he planned to join the military and whats amazing is that he turned down a three-year, $3.6 Million contract just to join the United State Army. In that time the U.S Army was fighting with Afghanistan and unfortunately Pat Tillman was shot on April 22, 2004. He gave up all the money and his professional football career just to go and try to defend The United States.
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