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Week of May 30th

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Message from Principal Drew...

The PCHS staff and students would like to take a moment to remember all of those brave souls that have served our country and sacrificed their own lives that we might live free. Thank you to those individuals and to their families as well. We hope everyone will take time to remember tomorrow on Memorial Day.

Congratulations to Mrs. Lynette Baker on being chosen as the 2023-2024 PCHS Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Baker is a science teacher in our building and sponsors several clubs. She also organizes our baccalaureate service and graduation ceremony each year. She is amazing for our students and works hard to serve them every day. Congrats Mrs. Baker.

This is the last week of regular instruction for all students. Most classes will be reviewing and preparing for final exams that take place next week from June 5 through June 9. Students should make sure that they have completed all missing work and are studying nightly to prepare for exams. Attendance will be taken each day this week for all students. Exam exemptions will be finalized on Friday June 2nd for all students. In order to be exempt a student must have an overall average of 90 or better and 5 or less unexcused absences in a class or an overall average of 80 or better and 3 or less unexcused absences in a class. Students that have had 1 or more full days of ISS or OSS for any reason can not be exempt from final exams. Students in Biology, Math 1, Math 3, English 2 or any CTE exam must take the exam and can not be exempt.

Chromebooks and chargers should be returned to Mrs. Heath in the media center once a student has finished all of their final exams. Students should bring a fully charged Chromebook to school each day for testing. Students that do not return their Chromebooks will be charged for a replacement and payment must be made before next school year. Seniors must make any payments for damages or lost parts before graduation.

All final exams will be given during the week of June 5 - 9. We will test classes on the following schedule: Monday June 5 - 4th period exams, Tuesday June 6 - 3rd period exams, Wednesday June 7 - 2nd period exams, Thursday June 8 - 1st period exams, Friday June 9 - Make-up exams. We will not be able to accept phone calls to release students during the exam week. Any student wishing to leave at the end of the exam period must bring a written note from home on the morning of the exam and turn it into the front office. Students are required to stay in their classroom for the entire testing period each day. Electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches and headphones or earbuds are not allowed in the testing site. Students are asked to leave these items at home or in their vehicle. All electronic devices will be collected from students prior to the beginning of testing each day. PCHS will have an early release on 6/7, 6/8 and 6/9. Students will be release at 12:30.

This week at PCHS:

Monday - No School as we observe Memorial Day

Tuesday - No school events

Wednesday - No school events

Thursday - Senior Athlete Awards Banquet 6 PM at Open Door Church. This event is for Senior athletes and their guests only.

Friday - PCHS Athletic Awards Banquet for all athletes 6 PM in the gym at PCHS

Important Dates:

June 5 - June 9 - Final Exams

June 7 - Graduation practice. Mandatory for all graduates. Meet in the gym at 1 PM. You will get your tickets for graduation at the end of practice.

June 9 - Graduation. Gates will open at 5:30 and close at 6:45 for guests. The ceremony will begin at 7 PM.

June 14-June 23 - Summer school for invited students

Chromebook Collection

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2023-2024 Online Transportation Intent

At the end of each school year we do our best to gather Transportation Intent information from parents/guardians for the next school year so that our bus route changes at the beginning of the year will be minimal. This year's online Transportation Intent Google form is now live and ready for families to begin submitting their child's transportation needs for the 2023-2024 school year. (I am linking the form below and the link should be put on the District Website in the near future. A QR code is attached to this email for your use as well.)

Direct Link to the online Transportation Intent Form:


Please publicize the link and encourage Parents to complete their Student's Transportation needs for the 2023-2024 School Year as soon as possible via this online form. We know many parents have had to make alternate transportation plans throughout the year due to the bus driver shortage, the consolidation of routes, etc so we need updates from every family as soon as possible! If students have not been riding and will not be riding in the coming year, we need to know that too...many times students are assigned to a bus, but never taken off when they stop riding. Unless something changes we are planning to continue with combined routes next year.

Within the next day or two we will provide each school with a few paper copies of the form for those parents who are unable to log in to the Google Form. Completed paper forms will need to be entered into the Google Form at the school level. This will hopefully streamline the process, putting all of the information in one place. We are asking parents to have their information submitted as soon as possible, although we will keep the Intent Form active into the month of July.

If you have any questions regarding the 2023-2024 Transportation Intent Forms, please feel free to contact our office!

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PCHS Highlights...

Exam Week: Students who wish to sign out after their exams are completed must bring a written note to Mrs. Murray in the main office prior to the start of the school day each day. The note must be written and signed by a parent and indicate who will be picking the student up each day or who they will be leaving with.

Chromebooks: "Don't forget your charger!" If students return their chargers separate from the chromebook, they need to make sure to put their name on the charger so they can get credit for it. Return all devices to the media center, including hotspots.

Math Department: Students of the Week...

Mrs. Baker - Ian Williams - Math 1

Ms. Carver - Jayla Jackson - Math 4

Mrs. Riddick - La'Shauna Leary - Math 2

Mr. Spruill - Kayleigh Holbrook - Math 1

2023 Essay Contest Sponsored by U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit is seeking submissions for its 2023 essay contest.

High school students are invited to consider and respond to a prompt or question. Students have the opportunity to win one of three cash prizes: first place, $2,000; second place, $1,500; and third place, $1,000. Essays are limited to 1,000 words and must be submitted by Wednesday, May 31.

For additional information and instructions on how to submit an essay, click here.

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PQ Champion

Mrs. White is always full of energy and a big advocate for her students. She wants to provide students a safe and positive learning experience as soon as they walk into the building. Mrs. White has high expectations while being flexible as she needs the various needs of all students. When you see her in the hallway she automatically puts a big smile on your face!

Mrs. Phthisic has been a great addition to our staff this year. She creates a positive and creative classroom for her students. She is very organized and prepared each day, making her lessons very engaging while meeting the needs of her students. Mrs. Phthisic has done a wonderful job taking over our school yearbook and getting students directly involved in the design and layout.

Ms. Russell doesn’t just teach she prepares her students for the road ahead, her impact goes way beyond the classroom. She loves to watch her students share her enthusiasm in the classroom or outside with the animals. Ms. Russell always wants to see her students succeed and is honored to be their mentor. She is willing to take on any task, like being in charge of our prom to support the PCHS family.

Coach Kajca wears many hats around PCHS. He puts in a tremendous amount of time and energy as a history teacher, assistant football coach, and indoor and outdoor track coach.

Coach Kajca's motivation and encouragement push his students to heights that they never dreamed they could reach. He loves to bring out the best in all of his students.

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