The Aztec

Art, music, language, dance, and writing

Music *****

The Aztec made their instruments out of wood and they had specialized in detailed designs on the instruments. Once a year they had a festival and celebrated the god of the dead and they played all sorts of instruments and they would sell the instruments with other nearby tribes. Some of the instruments that they sold and played were the clay flutes, ocarinas, conch shell trumpets, rattles, rasps, shakers, and huehuetl. The Aztec sold many instruments during the festivals and were very rich.
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Art *****

The Aztec art was a religious expression paying tribute to their gods. The Aztec had a prized bird that made their art very special called a Quetzal. The Aztec once a year had a celebration. They had an art show to show very beautiful art about their ancestors and their gods. The Aztec had sculptures, pottery, and drawings to show at a special place. At the end of the day they had rituals and they gave prizes to the best drawings and art.

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The Aztec had religious ceremonies with other tribes to paying tribute to their gods. In Aztec school when you are in the age of 12-15 you learn to dance to some of their best music. When the Aztec meet with other tribes the Aztec did this to repay their gods for giving them their beautiful life, and home.
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Language *****

The Aztec spoke the Nahualti language. The Nahualti language came from the Southwestern U.S. Some people in Mexico still use this language like their ancestors did. Some of the words of the Nahualti language from 1,000 years ago we still use like tomatoes, chocolate, and avocado are some of the words we use today that were used 1,000 years ago.
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The Aztecs had 2 writing techniques glyphs and codex. The glyphs are pictures of animals or people that tell a story. Codex's are an ancient manuscript in book form. The reason people have found out about the Aztec is because of codices. Archaeologists have only found 4 codices in the world about the Aztec.

Was the Aztec a complex civilization?

Yes, because the Aztec had many festivals to make money to buy everything they need like food, clay, paper, and livestock. They were very civilized to be a mighty empire. They had very complex art, dances, writing, language, and music. They had to be a very civilized empire to have all this to have a large city like Tenchtitlan. I think that the Aztec must have to know a lot of other tribes to get all of the things that they needed to form there complex civilization. They

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