Benefits of Smore

Smore does an excellent job at helping students introduce the topic at hand. I can assign students to design a poster explaining the effects of World War ll. Using Smore can be a change of pace as to what students are normally use to using. Many students have experience making PowerPoints, using Smore will engage students in a new activity. There are a multitude of units that can be integrated with Smore.


Smore is easy to navigate and learn for students that don't have experience using it. Students can link other projects to their Smore, post pictures, and post videos. It is easy to add pictures and videos to the flyer. There are many pre-made Smore templates, but with the click of a couple buttons, students can custom design their own flyers to contain whatever types of information that they want.

The pictures above are a good example of what students can do with Smore. Students can identify important people and events with pictures and writing. The information that can be displayed through a Smore is endless.


There are a multitude of ways for teachers to assess Smores. If I was assessing a Smore, I would design a rubric that would be handed out to students at the beginning of the assignment. An example of the different areas that I would grade would be based on: Content, Organization, Writing Skills and Creativity. I believe that the best way to assess a Smore is with a rubric.