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Interior of the Earth

Four main layers; from the inside out: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. The inner core is a solid iron ball 1,500 miles in diameter although it's extremely hot, the pressure is so high that the iron can not melt. The outer core is made of liquid iron that is 1,400 miles thick and creates the Earth's magnetic field. The mantle is rock that flows under pressure, hot rock rises and cool rock descends, it is 1,800 miles thick. The crust is 5-25 miles thick and is the landscape that humans are most familiar with, the rock, the soil, and the seabed. The interior of Earth keeps it at the perfect temperature for life to live on land and in the oceans.
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Plate Tectonics

The outermost layer of the crust; the lithosphere, is broken into seven large plates and several small plates. The main seven plates are: Eurasian, North American, South American, African, Australian, Pacific, and Antarctic. They all move in different directions and at different speeds. The plates move and where they meet are called boundaries; the divergent boundaries are when they are pulling apart, the convergent boundaries are when they are coming together, and the transform boundaries are when they are sliding past each other. They cause earthquakes, mountains, rifts, and Madagascar being separate from Africa. Eventually in several million years the Earth will have a totally different landscape, one would never get bored.

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Earth's Atmosphere

A thin layer of gases that surround Earth. It is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, 0.03% carbon dioxide, and some other gases. The atmosphere has five layers; from the Earth's surface to space, troposphere- contains weather and is the most dense, stratosphere- absorbs and scatters ultraviolet radiation, mesosphere- where meteors burn up, thermosphere- aurora and satellites are in this layer, ionosphere- makes radio communications possible, exosphere- upper limit of the atmosphere. Gives humans the ability to communicate and have protection from radiation (solar and ultraviolet) and protects us from meteors and other harmful things that could enter the atmosphere.

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Earth's Magnetic Field

It extends from Earth's outer core where it meets the charged particles that emanate from the sun (solar wind). Produced by the motion of electrical charges. Allows humans to identify true north which is south on the magnetic field. It also allows humans to have direction via the compass.