Amber Kriley, Tegan Dunstan, Tyler O'Conner, Sarah Wilson


How individuals acquire cultural knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills from the social groups with whom they have meaningful contact

  • Early childhood is the period of the most intense and most crucial time for socialization

Agents of Socialization

Positive Impacts of Socialization??

Negative Impacts of Socialization??

Socialization in Schools

Strategies for teachers to use in the classroom

  1. Go beyond formal curriculum and teach team work, character traits, and morals/values.
  2. Build a classroom community
  3. Establish trusting relationships with your students and their guardians
  4. Have high expectations for you students that challenge them
  5. Incorporate families into the classroom.
  6. Provide a safe, positive learning environment.
  7. Teachers are models for values such as good behavior and manners

Books that incorporate Socialization