The AM Solar Energy Plan is plan that will reduce the amount of oil being used in America. We plan to reduce the amount of oil being used, by switching to solar energy. Solar energy is radiant light heat from the sun that is used to power and heat homes and buildings, reducing the amount of oil needed to heat homes and buildings. Also we could also install windmills in back yards of house to convert energy into wind energy. The windmills would be small so they are low in price. Regular sized windmills could be really expensive, that's why we came up with smaller sized windmills.

Solar Panel and Windmill Plan

  1. Advertise the products, this allows the buyers to know how the products work and where you can buy them.
  2. Sell the panels and windmills for a reasonable price, so more people will be able to convert to solar energy.
  3. Sell the products at many super stores for easy access.
  4. Make windmills small in size they can be stored in many places will easy access.
  5. Free installation for everyone that purchases a panel and windmill.

How would cars run?

Without oil, all cars would be electric cars. They would have a plug so they could plug in and charge in order to work without the oil. The prices of electric cars would go down due to everyone needing them because they cannot have oil for fuel. We would put outlets on the streets/parking spots/parking lots so people could charge their cars when no one is using them. There would be multiple charging spots in various areas for easy access to charging. The charging cars would work like an iPhone, whenever they had low battery they would warn you and give you a pop up. Instead of having gas pumps at gas stations they would have charging stations. This would rapidly decrease the amount oil in America.

Written Statement

The AM solar energy plan (ASHMCK) promotes the use of solar energy, wind energy, and electricity. We will do this by selling solar panels and windmills at super stores for low prices. Our plan also includes the use of electric cars. The use of all these products would reduce the amount of pollution and be more Eco friendly to our Ecosystem. Using solar panels would lower the chances of the climate changing (global warming). Climate changing has been a big issue as far back as 1950, and using solar panels would put an end to this issue. Windmills are beneficial because they don't cause air or water pollution so it won't contribute to global warming either. Windmills also produce renewable energy which means that it can used over and over again. Windmills would be the perfect source to lowering the reliance with foreign fossil fuel imports. In 2011, 45% of America's fossil fuels were used, and transportation is responsible for 2/3 of the United States oil consumtion. All of the products used in the AM Solar Energy Plan are beneficial for the environment and reducution of air pollution because the electric cars do not have a tailpipe. The battery prices are decreasing do to mass production. The car battery life can last up to 100,000 miles, but then normally come with a 10 year or milage limit warranty. A full charged battery can last from 150 to 300 miles on one charge.