Croations come to Kansas

Croations come to Strawberry Hill.

By: Cassandra and Emi


Our group is the Croations which came from Croatia in Europe.

Why did they leave Croatia?

It was too crowded in Croatia, and too many people were trying to live off of small pieces of land. Also the crops were failing and some were due to diseases. They also left because of politicial reasons. At the time, Hungary was ruling Croatia, and some Croations weren't comfortable because they had only limited freedom.

Where did they come from?

They came from Croatia which is a country in Europe.

Where did they settle in Kansas?

They settled in a neighborhood called Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas. That is where the Kansas and Missouri rivers flow together.

What did they find in Kansas?

They found that houses were cheap, and they could walk to work. Their work was dangerous and hard. The houses were nice but very close together.

When did they come to Kansas?

The immigrants came to Kansas in the 1800's and settled here.