Jerry Serial Killer Profile

Jerry Brudos


Jerry Brudos was born in South Dakota the second son to his parents. He took an interest n women's footwear from the age of five, and also in his younger years he had stolen women's underwear. At the age of 17 he was arrested and spent time in Oregon State Hospital's psychiatric ward for threating a teenage girl and forcing her to give in to his demands. After completing high school he became an electrician technician. At the age of 22 he married and moved to Portland where he had two children. He also displayed many paterns of episodic behavior such as his history of serious assaults, his deviate and sexual behavior victim of cruel parenting and lack of childhood ( reports have stated his mother either wanted a girl or was simply a stained relationship with his mother)

Modus Operandi

Brudos was known as the lust killer because all of his killings were sexual in nature. He would kill and sexual assault the corpses of his victims and would often pose and take pictures of his victims before disposing of them in a river. Police investigated Oregon State University, were his second victim attended and the girls at the school reported getting calls from a strange man, this then became a person of interest and a possible suspect, the man turned out to be Jerry Brudos. After a woman who Brudos attempted to abduct identified him, the police obtained a search warrant where they found a mountain of evidence such as pictures of the victims and rope that was found on the victims. He pleaded guilty to three counts of murder an received three consecutive life sentences with the possibility of parole. He latter died in prison of natural causes


Brudos is a Lust-Oriented Hedonist. First, but probably the least important proof of this is he is know as the Lust Killer, and all of his killing were to satisfy his deviant sexual pleasures, he was also a noted necrophiliac which all fits into the Lust-Oriented Hedonist typology.


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