What Happened??? 2015 edition

Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Anna Yee

Three Top Marketed Companies of 2015

1. State Farm: State Farm is an insurance company that has stepped up its marketing game this past year in 2015. State Farm has made a name for itself with the frequent celebrity endorsements of Aaron Rodgers "discount double check". Another well known icon that stepped into the light this past year was "Jake from State Farm", capturing the attention of many teens who have created many twitter memes featuring "Jake".

2. Nike: As usual Nike has had a big year of success in the marketing world, drawing in the interest of athletes from all sports. Nike is a sports apparel brand that has catered to the needs of all athletes. They market their brand with the mantra "Just do it", inspiring athletes to strive for greatness and success. The most renowned commercial of 2015 included star athletes from across the board, supporting the idea of no days off.

3. Lokai: What are those little clear bracelets with random black and white beads? This question circulated the depths of social media throughout the year of 2015. Lokai is a company that advocates being humble with your success's and having hope at the lowest points in your life. They share this message with their bracelets that have become constant reminders to teenagers. The power of marketing through social media has lifted this company to great heights.

Top Products

1) fitbit
2) Apple watch

Worst Products

1) Amazon Echo
2) Hoverboard

Top Movies

Inside Out: Inside out was a heartfelt, cute, and creative film that was enjoyable for all ages. Their marketing strategy was a classic kid's movie commercial, straight from the textbooks. With no prequels leading up to Inside out, the marketing team attracted the audience through bright colors, friendly voices, and adorable characters. The marketing team was successful in attracting large audiences because I went to see inside out 5 or 6 weeks after the movie was released, and the theatre was still filled to the brim with people of all ages.
Spectre: Another James Bond Movie down in the record books. This action packed spy story has captured audiences across the globe. The draw towards this movie is from previous James Bond thrillers, but also strategic marketing. A main marketing strategy used by the marketing team of Spectre was marketing through a car commercial. Land Rover and Spectre had a joint commercial that advertised an action packed movie and an incredibly useful car.

Top 2 Musical Artists

1. Justin Bieber has had a come back this past year with the release of his new album "Purpose". Leading up to the release of individual singles and the album in its entirety, Justin would post pictures on instagram of fans and famous friends holding signs that said how long until release. This brought awareness to his album through social media, exciting his fans. By releasing information through social media, the fans are able to create hashtags and repost the information, thus spreading awareness further into the depths of the internet.
2. Rachel Platten is an up and coming pop signer, trying to make her way to fame. In order to gain awareness of the music she is producing, Rachel has had many interviews telling her life story and has been endorsed through Pandora. Her relationship with Pandora is mutual, she gets attention for her music while Rachel Platten fans are drawn to Pandora in hopes of getting a private concert. Her songs have also been endorsed through Ford commercials, in which strive to associate hope and strength to a car.

Top 10 hashtags

1. #AskRachel

2. #PrayForRaris

3. #BlueandBlack vs #WhiteandGold

4. #LoveWins

5. #BlackLivesMatter

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Run the 55m dash in 8.30 seconds or less

Family and Friends: See my cousin at least 3 times before she goes back to college in August

School and Outside World: Get straight A's this year, raise my ACT composite score to at least 30