Decisions, Decisions, Decide!

A great way to make hard decisions.


I have $60 from doing chores. My mom said I am allowed to spend $50 of it. I would like to get a flag for colorguard, for my house. I can either get flag A, which would be only for practice ($20) or I could have flag B, a real colorguard flag ($45). Decisions, decisions, decide…


I have resources to help me buy a flag. Resources that are available to me are money, a place to shop, transportation, and the price tag.


I have to consider getting the practice flag (A) or the real colorguard flag (B).

Information Gather

I have information on each flag to help me make my decision. Information about flag A includes:

  1. It is lighter than the flag I am used to

  2. It is less money than flag B

  3. It is shades of my favorite color, turquoise

Information about flag B includes:

  1. Is it is just like the one I am used to

  2. It is more money than the flag A

  3. It is also blue, yellow, and green, my top three favorite colors

Decide and Evaluate

It is now time for me to decide and evaluate. I think I should get flag B because it is just like the one I am used to now. I think this was the right decision because flag A could have ruined my skills on the actual flag.