Flappers and Women's Fashion

Samantha Boyle


Flappers were single women that were middle class who bent the rules of fashion. They were very easy to spot because they wore high heels, different dresses, and cut their hair to their shoulders. Despite the social attention aspects of flappers, they always seemed to have a great time together. Flappers definitely dominated the 1920's

Women's Fashion

Hats, shoes, stockings, handbags, dresses, and jewelry, all came together in perfect harmony to make an unforgettable style in the 1920's. Women created their own style with vibrant colors, and unique patterns. Though the black and white photos take away the beauty of the colors that you saw in person, many styles were inspired by flappers and women everywhere. After women took control of their clothing choices, they were able to take control over many other things too, like the way they did their hair, the choices they made, and they were then able to style themselves according to their personality type.