Use of Technology in The Classsroom

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom..apps

1.Pic Collage

2. Flipagram...see below

3. Image Chef and Shadow Puppet....see below

4. InstaGrok

5. Book Press..see below

6. I movie..see below

Spooky movie

7. Trailers

Show Eating Healthy with Derrick Evans...see below

8. Zoobe

9. App Smash...with Pic Collage and Tellagami

10. Twitter

11. Animoto...see below

12. Educrations....see below

12. Chatter kid.see below

13. Make Dice

14. Thing Link

Carolyn Bresee

Family and Consumer Science Instructor

Aurora Schools

Aurora, NE 68818
Salmonella spooky movie
Eating Healthy
milk video with tellagami, pic collage