Beginner Band End of 6 Weeks Update

What should you expect to see and hear in the coming weeks!

Binders • Wire Music Stands • Practice Expectations


Now that we are making our first sounds, we will be working out of our Band Binders every day in class. If you are have a virtual student who has not picked up their band binder, please contact us to make immediate arrangements to do so.

Wire Music Stands:

We are requiring students to provide a personal wire music stand for band. Starting this week, all classes will using a music stand. If you purchased a supply kit from Ellis County Music, wire stands were included in that kit. If you need to purchase a stand, they can be purchased from Amazon by clicking this link.

Practice Expectations:

It is very important for students to practice what they are learning in band outside of class. We will be asking our students to practice 10-20 minutes five days a week. Please encourage them to practice at home.

Before and After School Instrument Procedures

The administration at JAA have worked closely with the band directors to formulate a plan for taking instruments to and from school.


Instruments can be taken to the band rooms after students have been checked in. Mr. Hawks will be on hand to monitor the rooms and help students.

After Band Class is over:

Students will take their instruments and supplies with them back to their classrooms so that they may take them home to practice.

The Band Rooms will not be open in the afternoons during dismissal.


Weekly Progress Grades - Formative Grades

Daily Assignments will make up a Weekly Progress Grade. If students are missing daily assignments, the Weekly Progress grade will drop by 20 points for each assignment missing.

Playing Tests and Written Tests - Summative Grades

In addition to Weekly Progress Grades, students will also be completing playing and written tests online and in person. These written and playing tests will be entered as Summative grades.

Congratulations to our Outstanding Band Students of the First 6 Weeks!

Flute - Kourtney Gulseth

Clarinet - Ethan Blevins

Saxophone - Jacob Bolles

Trumpet - Braelen Clark

Horn - Sofia Rowe

Trombone - Ahmad Kanan

Baritone - Tyler Cross

Tuba - Tyler Hawthorne

Percussion - Landen Altom