Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Beginning of the Book

Creighton was kidnapped and taken to a ship where he met Lieutenant Hale. When he was on the ship he learned that his mother had sent him to see his uncle who would "straighten him up" as his mother said. When he met his uncle he learned that they would be going to Florida. When they were on the ship another ship attacked them and took over their ship. Creighton and his uncle went to burn papers but they didn't get all of them so they were figured out anyway. He was told by his uncle that he was to act as a servant and not tell anyone who he really was. When they go to their destination he met Dr. Franklin, Dr. Franklin played Creighton in a game of cards to see if he would work in the printing shop with Sophie. He lost the game of cards after that he had to work in the printing shop.

Middle of the Book

One night while Creighton is supposed to be asleep he sees Dr. Franklin working on something in the printing shop. The next day he goes out to see what it is and it turns out to be the Liberty Tree. He decoded the message on the Liberty Tree by using an almanac. After that he goes and visits his uncle and Lieutenant Hale and gives them a copy of the Liberty Tree. He then steals Arnold's gun from Peter and helps Hale and Gower escape from the prison. After Gower and Hale leave him behind when they escape he is unsure of what side he is loyal to.

End of the Book

One night while Creighton is awake late he sees 3 Indian looking men setting the printing shop on fire. Him and Franklin try to go in and save the prints for the press. When Franklin goes in one last time the roof collapses and he has a few days left before he dies. After the death of Franklin, Arnold and Creighton and Peter go to spy on the British. When they go, Gower doubts where their loyalties stand. So he investigates them by trying to trick Creighton into telling that they were spies but Creighton doesn't fall for the trick. Gower no believes Creighton but he doesn't trust Arnold. When he questions Arnold he is challenged to a duel. Hale and Creighton try to talk them out of it but, it is no use. When the duel begins Arnold is given a faulty gun and he is wounded. He still ends up killing Gower and winning the duel. When Gower is about to die he tell Creighton an address. Creighton thinking it might be where Washington is being kept goes to find him. It ends up being his father. When they are inclosed in the prison with his father they learn that Washington was hung. They then escaped the prison with the help of Peter and they get back to where Sophie lives and where Franklin used to live. By the end of the story he learns where his loyalties stand. He was siding with the Americans.

What Happened?

Creighton went to America because his mother sent him away. He had lived in England his whole life so he thought he knew where his loyalties stood but, when he got to America it was a different story. He saw the lives of the Americans.

Why it Happened

He went to America because that is where his uncle was going and he changed his loyalties because he saw how the Americans were living and what the British were doing to them.

What Changed Because It Happened?

What changed was that he was now fighting for the Americans and, living in America and, living their way of life.