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Week 21 Newsletter

Our Community Day

Today's unexpected fire drill changed things up a bit, thanks for your flexibility and attentiveness. What a treat it was to have a hands-on experience with modern computer imaging and animation today! A special thanks to Clay Fawthorp for taking the time to set this up for us, it was a huge hit!!! It still amazes me how quickly the kids pick up on technology.

Next week is our last PIZZA DAY!!!!

Please remember it is time to start prepping your children at home for Memory Master or Subject Star proofing next week. This means teaching weeks 23-24 ahead of time at home in the areas they will be testing in. You have proofing pages in your foundation guide however there will be printed-out copies of the proofing pages near the mailboxes next week. Here is some information of how it should work:

Your child will do 4 proofs if going for Memory Master, or 3 proofs if going for Subject Star. Each proof must cover all 24 weeks of the subject.

Proofing Schedule:

Week 22--Parent Proof

  • They pass if they have 3 mistakes or less

Week 23--Other Proof (other spouse, family friend, swap CC moms)

  • They pass if they have 1 mistake or less

Week 24--Tutor Proof

  • They pass if they have 0 mistakes

Before EOY celebration--Director Proof (for Memory Master only)

  • They pass if they have 0 mistakes

Reminder: week 24 we will be combining some classes so tutors can pull children out for proofing

Proofing Guidelines:

  • No hints, tunes, humming etc.. can be given to the student
  • They are allowed a Do-Over on any question but must self-correct after you ask them to repeat their answer
  • You must only give them the prompt for each question, and do the Show Me/Tell Me method for geography
  • Student is allowed to speak, sing, or write answer
  • If student fails a proof they will not progress to the next proof (encourage them to try again next year)
  • There is grace when handling pronunciation or other like issues. We are proofing for mastery not perfection!

Week 21 Lesson Plans

This is a general list of resources that your tutors used this week to introduce the Memory Work. These resources are available to all parents through CC CD's or App and CC Connected (C3) if subscribed.

History: CC Song

Latin: CC Song & C3 Visual by kbrenneman83

English: C3 Linking Verbs Song by the jonkers (Ants Go Marching)

Science: C3 5 Major Circles of Latitude song by txmap

Timeline: CC Song & ASL Hand motions by RafikiPaka

Math: C3 Associative Law song by marykbry

Geography: CC Maps in Foundation Guide and C3 Song by marilynW

Week 21 Book & Video Correlations

Here are some resources to supplement this week's memory work. These are great if your student wants to learn more and or needs to do some reading.


  1. Story of the World Volume 2 Chapter 41 p.370-378; Volume 3 Chapter 4 p. 43-50
  2. Mystery of History Volume 3 Lesson 55 p. 276-279
  3. Usborne History Encyclopedia p.289, 296-297
  4. Netflix: The Travel Bug Season 2 Episodes 8 & 9
  5. Youtube: Canada's Provinces


  1. Usborne Geography Encyclopedia p. 250-251
  2. Youtube: Major Circles of Latitude


  1. ---Computer Review Game

Fine Arts:



  1. Usborne Dictionary of Math p.15

Map Challenge

As a community our goal is to trace 5,000 maps this year. Remember to encourage your children to trace maps daily. This can include tracing the weekly memory work features, tracing whole continents, tracing the world map, and even blobbing.

Our current number is: 4,932

Important Dates

April 11: Community Day 22 -- Pizza Day!

April 14: Field Trip: Delaware County Institute of Science

April 18: Community Day 23 --Open House

Week 22 Presentations

Each week a family is selected to give a 5 minute presentation during the morning opening. It can be about anything they would like to share with the group about their lives, interests, history, hobbies, etc..

Family Presentation: Prazenica Family presents on Cooper Family

Each week the students will also give a 2-3 minute presentation to hone their public speaking skills. We provide suggestions for each week, but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Student Topic Suggestion: Show and Tell: Historical Leader--Choose a famous historical leader from ancient times and tell us three interesting facts about them. Try to draw or color a picture to share.

Student Skill: Review Confidence, Eye Contact, Volume, Articulation, Poise, Expression, Gestures, Tempo

Encouraging Video of the Week

What is Mock Trial?

Tip to Homeschooling Classically

  • 2 – Don’t Follow a Rigid Twelve-Year Scope & Sequence

‘Scope and Sequence’ is “educator-speak” for curriculum by grade level like “things a 2nd grader should know” or “subjects to study in high school.” Who says a complete education takes twelve years? (Your kid may get done in 10 years.) Who says you have to study the same subjects everybody else studies? (What if you kid wants to study some obscure topic? Go for it!) You opted out of the system, remember?

State laws may require reporting (say 36 weeks or 180 days attendance) or equivalent content (like spelling or math), but don’t let the state limit your vision. For instance, if your kid is so fascinated by the animal kingdom that he wants to study it in the summer, so what? He’s developing critical thinking skills, and that is so valuable that you wouldn’t want to cut him off just because the public school kids don’t finish their biology textbook before the end of the school year. Likewise, if your daughter has mastered cursive handwriting, hurray! Let her move on to something else. Give your kid what he needs when he needs it.

-Diane Lockman

Enjoy the Homeschooling Process!

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