iPads Day #2



8:30 - Kick off - Open up Today’s Meet

Camera recording selfie on ipad accomplishments think of the SAMR model - 30 second video log...

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“How can I use this in my classroom?”

9:00 - Get more out of your ipad

Dotepub with iBooks - Brandon

How make a website look like an app - Brandon

Speak Selection - shighla

Guided Access - Brandon

9:30 - Making Movies - Shighla

iMovie and the Camera features

10:00 - Google Apps Overview on the ipad - Brandon

Drive, Docs, Sheets. Slides and Google Classroom

10:30 - Green Screening with Touchcast! - Brandon

Creating a green screen video or newcast

11:30 - Lunch

12:30 - How to find apps?

Edshelf - shighla

Graphite - brandon

1:00 - Project Time!

Sharing photos and Video for an ipad

Air Drop on the ipad

drop it to me - http://dropitto.me/

Connects to your Google Apps account

Get more out of your iPad!

iMovie and the Camera

iMovie - Create trailers and movies easily with your ipad

Camera - Lets look at some features of the Camera in the ipad

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Green Screening an so much more...

Where to find apps?

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