Afrcan History

By Randall Raposo

South Africa's Apartheid

As many people know South Africa had a major apartheid problem. South Africa's apartheid problem started when white-controlled government of South Africa created laws to keep the land and wealth was given to the whites. Everyone whom wasn't white was forced into places called homelands. Also anyone who wasn't white couldn't vote, had low paying jobs, put in poorly funded schools and had to carry identification. Anyone who wasn't white was often treated poorly.

In this terrible time there was a beacon of hope, the organization called the African National Congress or the ANC was in full effect. The ANC's leader named Nelson Mandela encouraged peaceful protests, but as a result of his protesting he was imprisoned for 28 years. Though these struggles the ANC used only peaceful protesting in request of Nelson Mandela.

After Years of Protesting President E.W. de Klerk officially ended apartheid within South Africa and the first democratically elected president after the Apartheid and it was..... Nelson Mandela!

21st Century Issues in Africa

African countries face many issues in the 21st century. Such as AIDS/HIV infection, a huge population boom,and poverty. Many people assume that Africans don't work hard, now than isn't true because such things as disease,poverty,drought,poor education,and famine. You maybe wandering how these would effect them, well since they're in poverty they don't have medicine so they are sick. Not to mention they can't get a good job education, nor can they get better due to famine. Plus due to the drought they have to drink dirty water filled with human and animal dropings. In Kenya 43.4% of people live in poverty and there is a total of 1,366,900 people living with AIDS/HIV. Plus 26.4/1,000 ratio to births, which is very large and 6.89 deaths/1,000 and is incredibly small when compared to the birth rates. Nigeria poverty rate is 70% and 3,228,600 people have HIV/AIDS. Not to mention Nigeria's birth rate is 37.64/1,000 and the death rates are 12.9/1,000. South Africa poverty rate is 35.9 and there amount of people with HIV/AIDS infection is 6,836,500. South Africa's birth rate is 20.75/1,000 while 9.91/1,000 is their death rate.


1.what year was Kenya founded? (1964)

2.From whom did Kenya get its independence from? (The British)

3.Who or what was Mau Mau?(A rebel group who used force to get Kenya's independence from the British using force)

4.How did Kenya get its independence? (Though a series of treaties peacefully)

5.what year was Nigeria founded?(1960)

6.From whom did Nigeria get its independence form?(The British)

7.What year was South Africa founded? (1961)

8.From whom did South Africa get its independence from? (The British)

9.What is was the Pan-African movement? (Pride in being African and the want for African Independence)

10.What years did the Pan-African movement was in effect (1800s though the early 1900s)


In my cartoon I added some detail you may over have over looked. Such as the chains representing the slavery that the Africans had to endure. Plus the "skirt" represents that it is a third world nation. Plus the mask in the sky representing the Europeans as this was around the time of the Resnais. Plus the lack of color due to the lack of hope the locals felt, they felt colorless and worthless