Friday, January 9, 2015

Creating a PLN

If creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is one of your professional resolutions for 2015, here's a great place to start! (A PLN is "a network of interrelated connections you make for the purposes of discovering, collaborating and sharing ideas and resources.)


Buncee Buddies: International Penpals

Classrooms from across the nation and globe can become penpals and create and share buncees. Using text, audio recordings, videos, photos, stickers, and animations, students from various cities around the world can share creations to other classrooms.


Online Encyclopedias Galore!

Here is a HUGE list of online encyclopedias:


Huge list of Specialized Databases and Search Engines

Extensive list of online specialized databases and search engines!


Periodic Table of Figures of Speech

According to, "The Periodic table of the figures of speech, is a work realized by designer Curtis Newbold. The visual features two main genres of figures of speech namely: tropes and schemes...Curtis provides ample explanation of each of these genres and also offers some useful tips on how to use each of them."


A New Wonder of the World Everyday

One, Matt Gomez wrote about Wonderopolis. He said, "Wonderopolis is a free website that posts a "Wonder of the Day" that's complete with images, a video and vocabulary words. The site can be used as a resource for research, since all the Wonders are searchable, or you can visit the site each day for a new Wonder."