Best Practice Strategies

Alive and well at Florence Middle School

Incorporating Think Time & Think Pair Share

Ms. Bragwell's use of Think Time 1 and Think, Pair, Share helped her students understand the relationship between Distance vs. Time. She used a few pre-planned questions as a warm-up, then gave students the opportunity to "Turn and Talk" which helped all learners participate in the discussion. She also scaffolded their learning by using an example that peaked their interest and they could relate to - "Speeding" until "Blue Lights" caused them to slow down.

Student Voice and Choice

Ms. Gresham's students had the opportunity to choose between a timeline, letter to author, newspaper front page, or book review for their Stormbreaker final project.
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Ms. Harris teaches her students to play "Sum Face Off". This game allows them to add postive and negative numbers in a fun, interactive way.

Real World Opportunities

Ms. Johnson & Mr. Johnson provide students the opportunity to participate in FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America. Currently, they have provided students the leadership opportunity to run for office, and have asked students to create videos which will be posted on Edmodo.
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