Munich became the center of Gold!

5th International Conference of Emgoldex in Munich.

Every year during the Precious Metals and Commodities Show in Olympia park, there is another important event in the world of the gold business, that is International Conference of Emgoldex in Munich. This event changes the life of people, helps to improve their financial condition and gives the opportunity to start their own business!

Learn all about the conference and find if the business with Emgoldex is available in your country!

About the Emgoldex company

The Emgoldex company sells investment gold of the highest standard and quality of the best producers worldwide. The company is the undisputed leader in its market segment. This is the only enterprise in the world of the gold business which is stable in the market for over 5 years and has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide! EMGOLDEX TRADE DMCC is an international online store that obtained the exclusive license of DMCC (Dubai Government economic zone) with the permission to trade in commodities. Through the online store, investment gold bars are bought at the most favorable terms around the world.

The price of gold bars varies from 40 to 3,000 euro. This means that you can buy and recommend these gold bars depending on your capabilities and needs.

For example, today a 1 gram gold bar costs 41 euro. These gold bars can be purchased in the online store:

Why does Emgoldex advantageously differ from other companies?

It is a complicated task to meet the needs of the modern man. It is not enough simply to offer qualitative products and services. In addition, forward looking companies offer their customers the best conditions of purchase, gifts, numerous bonuses and bonus programs.

The Emgoldex company does not only provide its customers the opportunity to purchase a high quality product – investment gold bars, but also offers a profitable program through which customers can buy these goods on the most favorable terms, as well as to develop their own elite business.

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The events of Emgoldex are devoted to the development of own gold business.

The Emgoldex company regularly carries out competitions, events, organizes trips for its customers at the company's expense, and also holds Premium-class conferences for all those interested in improving their financial condition. Every new event of Emgoldex is another great chance for its customers to become more financially educated, rich and successful!

V International Conference Emgoldex 2014.

Another important event of the gold world was the V International Conference Emgoldex 2014 in the luxury Maritim Hotel Munchen during the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show 2014 in Olympia Park.

There were so many people who wanted to participate in the Conference that the company decided to rent the largest conference hall in Munich, located in the Maritim Hotel Munchen. All the people interested in the development of their own gold business, were happy for the possibility to participate in the Conference. The registration for the event lasted 3 days! The representatives of the gold culture from 5 different continents arrived to take part at the V International Conference of Emgoldex in Munich. There were customers from Spain, Peru, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ukraine, Israel and many other countries.

What do the customers say in their reviews about Emgoldex?

Nothing can describe the company better than the reviews of the clients. Among the hundreds of thousands of positive reviews about Emgoldex can be found the following:

"I love the business of Emgoldex. This is a nice international business!

It allows to expand the horizons within my native country - Russia!

I am very happy that we have such a business like Emgoldex and we're here!"

Lily G.

"I became a client of Emgoldex on the recommendation of my husband. And I'm very happy. My husband almost immediately earned 14,000 euros. I have reached the same result for two weeks. Today I arrived in Munich to take our gold bars, which will help to preserve and increase our capital.

I'm going to New York to show these bars to people who did not believe this company. I hope we will work even harder, because we have very good tools in our hands, once again confirming the reality of the business with Emgoldex. Good luck!"

Berta D.

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How to know that the business with Emgoldex is for YOU?

The business of Emgoldex is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their financial condition, build their own business and get unlimited earnings and passive income.

This is an international business which unites countries, cultures and traditions! This business is available worldwide, requires no special education, skills and social status. The customers of Emgoldex are ordinary people, among them there are simple secretaries, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, housewives, freelancers, marketing directors, photographers and representatives of many other professions. They are all driven by one goal that is to become financially independent and secure their future!

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EmGoldex conference in Munich 2014 - Exhibition of International Precious Metals & Commodities