Fairview Junior High Library

November Happenings

AR Guess the Jar

Every two weeks, students get to guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar. To guess students must take and pass an AR test. The winning student chooses what candy goes in the jar for the next two weeks. Braedon Sobeck was the most recent winner of the candy cane Kisses!

NascAR Reading Challenge

The teachers have finally taken the lead in the NascAR Reading Challenge with 2,199 points, 8th grade is in second place with 1,800 points, 6th grade is in third place with 1225 points, and 7th grade is in fourth place with less than 1,000 points.

Month in Review

In the month of November we saw 11 classes, taught 2 technology co-teach lessons, and had lots of visitors to the library. We were closed two days for testing, plus had a week off for Thanksgiving Holidays!

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the AISD library program is to create lifelong learners by advancing the academic expectations and aspirations of each student in every program to become accomplished readers, critical thinkers, skillful researchers, ethical users of information and creative problem solvers.