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September 25, 2020


Sept 24th- October 8th: October Count...ATTENDANCE COUNTS!

October 2nd: Drive In Movie Night at SHS

October 5th-9th: Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week

October 9th: No School

October 16th: End of 1st Quarter/Silver Classes

October 19th: Beginning of 2nd Quarter/Navy Classes

October 19th: AP Test Registration OPENS

October 18th-24th: Weld RE-4 Foundation Support Schools Event

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Meals for students!!!

Please click HERE for information on continued meal service for Weld RE-4 students and low cost internet availability.


  • Due to postponed and recently added athletic events, please refer to the Calendar at for up to date sports schedules. Please sign up for Alerts for individual sports to receive updated information including cancellations and postponements.

If you have athletic questions contact:

Casey Yahn, SHS Athletic Secretary

970-833-7104 @SilverKnightsAD

Strength & Conditioning Schedule Reminder:

All students are invited to participate in Strength & Conditioning sessions with Coach Stewart.

A Cohort Students are scheduled Mondays and Thursdays 7:40 AM - 8:25 AM

B Cohort Students are scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays 7:40 AM - 8:25 AM

Afternoon sessions for off-season student-athletes will be added once morning sessions have reached the 25 person capacity.

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SHS Clearance ABOVE...New Apparel BELOW

Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week

Who: Any Colorado student can participate, no matter what age, but we highly recommend Juniors and Seniors

What: Virtual College Fair

Where: Comfort of your own home...virtually

When: October 5th-9th (week before Colorado Free Application Day on October 13th)

Information provide during the FREE Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week:


Virtual Fair Booths


Individual College Information Sessions

Panel Presentations


SHS-Family Holiday Needs

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year SHS will be partnering with local non-profit agencies to help support those in need. If your family is going through a difficult time financially and may need support or resources this holiday season, please let us know. Your information will be kept confidential. Many organizations that we work with have deadlines of mid-October; therefore, let us know as soon as possible.

You can either fill out this Google Form


email/call your students counselor:

Amanda LePage (10th and 11th-grade Counselor)

Shallane Mullison (9th-grade Counselor)

La temporada navideña está a la vuelta y este año SHS se asociará con agencias locales sin fines de lucro para ayudar a los necesitados. Si su familia está pasando por un momento económico difícil y necesita apoyo o recursos en esta temporada de vacaciones, déjenos saber. Su información será confidencial. Muchas organizaciones con las que trabajamos tienen fechas límite a mitad de octubre, por lo tanto, avísenos lo más pronto que es posible.

Puede completar este formulario de Google Form

Amanda LePage (Consejera del grados 10 y 11)

Shallane Mullison (-Consejera del grado 9)

SHS Library News

Please Return All Overdue Books!

Please bring in any and all library books you may have. We will send them to the appropriate school for you. You can even return Clearview library books here! Thank you!

Don't forget!

While you are working at home, you can still access the SHS library catalog!

Searching/Checking out

Looking for a book that may interest you? Check these out!

On This Day… September 24, 1896

American short-story writer and novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald—famous for his

depictions of the Jazz Age, his most brilliant novel being The Great Gatsby was born.

German Corner


This week my German II class is exploring another interesting aspect of German culture: “wandern”. I know “wandern” sounds suspiciously like “wandering” in English, but it actually is translated as “hiking”. You all have heard the song “The Happy Wanderer”. Well…it refers to a happy hiker…not someone who is lost and glad about it. Suffice it so say that the Germans LOVE to hike. Hiking is one of the most popular past times in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Germans spend billions of Euros each year on hiking, hiking equipment, and hiking vacations. 200,000 kilometers of hiking trails and hiking areas span Germany alone and, when the weather is nice (or not), the Germans are out in force enjoying the outdoors and refreshment and food at the end of the trail. Germans hike for fun, for stress relief, to stay fit, or just to commune with nature. There are hiking clubs in every town and region and the DWV or German Hiking Association (Deutsche Wanderverein) is a national organization. Whether your preference is hiking in the Alps, along the Rhein River, or along the North Sea coast, you will find joyful Germans hiking and singing as they enjoy the beauty of their country. If you have a student in German II, ask them about “wandern”. I’m sure they will fill your ear with many fun facts. Viel Spaß beim wandern.

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