Star Town Reports

New Earthquake Preventions

New Earthquake prevention Methods

I, Emanuel Salomon, am joyful that this town has proclaimed me as their new mayor. I have overcome many difficult tasks to achieve this position as mayor, and to tell you the truth, my struggles will continue with the same intense ferocity to protect my new people. This area as you may unfortunately know is an earthquake red zone. I myself have lost relatives in these devastating happenings of nature, when a was fifteen I looked up to the sky and promised my grandmother that I would find a way to save this town from this monstrous side of what we call "mother" nature. Now, I stand in front of you to fulfill this wish, and to protect our city which is slowly being destroyed.

You matter

You matter.

You matter, that is not a doubt. You matter, especially to me. You are MY people which I have to protect. This plan will be taking into action from this day onwards, not stopping until every house is secured.

God bless America.