November News!

Fall at its finest!

Artist in Residence

Scott finished his painting. It is a self-portrait. He painted this beautiful picture in Mrs. IT's class. It is purple, pink and black. He used a blocking method to complete his painting. He did one section at a time! We all think the painting is AMAZING!

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Danny Zuko visits Brookside School

A blast from the past!

On Halloween, Nick dressed up as Danny Zuko from the movie Grease. Nick looked liked he stepped out of a time machine! "The chicks like Danny Zuko, " explained Nick!! We can see why!!! Nick was a great Danny!!!

John Travolta as Danny Zuko

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Nick Pellecchia as Danny Zuko

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Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

This week we explored the world of newspapers. We looked at a few different kinds of newspapers. We read a review about the show "Breaking Bad". The reviewer did not like the show. Nick said that his dad was "obsessed" with the show. Scott saw an ad for Yankee Stadium and decided he would like to go to a ballgame in the Summer.

Newspapers are good sources of information!

We are going to learn more about newspapers next week. We are excited to write our own newspaper next week!

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