Shakespeare's Life

His early life

Not much is known about William shakepeare's early life. not many records were kept. he was born April 23, 1564 in Stratford England. Historians are still debateing the date of his birth though. He was baptized on April 26th, 3 days after he was said to be born. Shakpersear went to school like most boys did but he never went to a university. There are records of his marriage to Ann Hathaway 1585.

Elizabethen culture

Elizabeth I became queen if england six years before the birth of shakepseare in 1558. during her 45 year rieghn London became a very cultural part of the world. Elizabeth became queen when there were violent conflicts between the Protestant and Catholic leaders and their followers. She honored both religions because she didn't want the catholics to rebel. She honored many protestant edicts of her late father, Henry VIII. Elizabeth was fond of theater and many of England's great play writes were written during her time. After Elizabeths death King James I came to power. He also liked the arts and encouraged drama and writing. King James lived an extravogent lifestyle and had many untrustworthy advisers and stretched the royal finances. After King James died his son Charles I ascended into the throne. Tensions between parliament and the Royal crown increased. Charles lost a bloody war to the puritans and fled the country. The Puritans made many changes which included closing all of the theaters. Eventually King Charles I returned and claimed his place back with the crown and reopened the theaters.

The Globe Theater

The globe theater is a theater that skapesrear built himself in order t have a place to preform his plays. It is the largest open air theater in England. the theater was built in 1599 in Southwark, on the south bank of London's river. From an ariral view the theater wold look like a doughnut. Outside the theater there were flags put up advertiseing what type of play would be showing. a red flag would mean a history play would be showing. A white flag would be put up for a comedy and a black flag would be put up for a tragedy. Sadly the theater burnt down in 1603 when a special affect went wrong. It was later rebuilt.

Image of the Globe Theater

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Shakespeares Stamp on the English language

Shakespeare made over 3,000 words in the english language. many of shakepseares expressions are commonly used today. For example, the expression of Dead as a door nail" came from Shakespeare. Or another one is, have you ever "gone on a wild goose chase". People use the common quotes everyday without knowing they are quoteing Romeo and Juliet or some other famous play written by shakespeare. Not only have the words survived over four hundred years, but his plays and story's are continuelly being preformed and read throughout the world.

Other play writes that shakepseare accomplished

Shakespeare's work is often divided into four periods. The first one was called the experimental period with a starting point of 1591 and an ending point of 1593. This first period included, Titus Andronicas, Love's Labour's Lost, The two Gentalmen of Verona, and the Comedy of the Errors. The second period does not have a name but that ended around 1601. In the second period the famous play Romeo and Juliet along with many others, were produced. The third period does not have a name either. It ended around 1610. There were tragedy plays in this period but also comedies like All's well that End's well, and many others. The final period ends around 1611. In the final period plays like Cymbeline, Henry VIII, The Tempest, and The Winter's Tale were written.