Perseverance to Succeed

Joey Moore

How Perseverance is defined from my point of view

Perseverance is defined from my perspective by always trying to complete your task on something difficult and never giving up. Like an example would be you are about to get to some activity and your gonna go though some hard things in that situation. But you never give up and your always trying to pass that activity of complete the goal.

Sweet Smell to Success / Problem and solution

One main problem in "Sweet Smell of Success" was that John was not able to sell nuts from his business in Universal Studios because Universal denied John. One solution John tried to solve the problem was he called Universal Studios many times... They did not answer any times. A few weeks later he sent Universal Studios a letter telling them about his business and how he wants to sell at Universal. They responded to his letter and asked him for a meeting. He scheduled a meeting and during the meeting they answered his question of if he can work at Universal Studios by an answer of yes. Two tier 2 vocabulary words that would describe this topic is Perseverance and resilience.
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Pecans were one of his main nuts he sold at Universal Studios.

Jackie Robinson's Greatness / Description

Jackie Robinson inspired many people throughout his career. First before he inspired many people he attended college at UCLA. Than after he graduated college he signed to play baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers which is today the Los Angeles Dodgers. When he started playing in the MLB he was recognized as the first African American to play in the MLB. When he was recognized people were very rude to him and saying racial things to him. He ended up going through many adversity's that he persevered through in that time. A few years later it got a little easier on him and people were not being rude to him and saying racial things to him. After that situation he made large impact on society by standing up for himself. In his adulthood he inspired many people and he still inspires people today. Two tier 2 vocabulary words that would describe this topic is inspiring and noble.
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This was Jackie Robinson when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Winston Churchill Biography / Chronological/sequence

Winston Churchill was born in 1874 at his grandfathers home. At age 8 he was sent off to boarding school. After he went to boarding school he went to school at Prestigious Harrow school. Then he graduated from Harrow school and then was accepted into the Royal Military college. After his 7 months of basic training he was given the first to leave Military school. Two tier 2 vocabulary words to describe this topic would be adversity's and triumphs.
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This was a picture of Winston Churchill in his adulthood.
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We can learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity's in today's world by seeing what they did to overcome the obstacle and try the same way and see if it works for our own adversity. Also we can by them trying to inspire us to persevere through our own adversity's and persevering though the adversity's.