The Diary of Anne Frank

Themes of World War II

Perseverance is difficult to keep.

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "perseverance takes work," is seen throughout. There were multiple accounts in the play when they were ready to give up. During the Hanukah celebration, after the thief broke in, everyone freaked out like they were going to be reported to the Nazis. There was also the part when Mr. VanDaan stole the food and everything fell apart between them. Mrs. Frank kept mentioning how she was just easy to give up.

Hope takes lots of work.

Another theme that was consistent throughout the play was "Hope takes work." During the Hanukah celebration, when the thief broke into the building, everyone was worried until Mr. frank said "Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago, we thought they'd come for us. We were sure was the end. But it wasn't the end. We're alive, safe."(409). Another example of how hope can be hard to preserve is when Mr. Vandaan stole the food and everyone wanted to kick him out onto the streets and give up all they'd worked for.

Mouschi, the Story of a True Hero!

Our cat, Mouschi

The cat, Moushi symbolizes a cardboard box. He sits around all day unless somebody moves him. He is often found in the corner of a room. When he is fed, the box is filled with items, and when he uses the bathroom, the box is emptied. Later in the story, they get rid of Moushi, the same way people ship cardboard boxes worldwide.
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