James I

Ruler of Scotland and England


James was born on June 19th, 1566. He was crowned King of the Scots at thirteen months old. His father was killed shortly after he was born. His mother was beheaded due to trying to overthrow the Queen. James was a thoroughly educated child. He did not have much contact with other women, and when he met Princess Anne of Denmark he soon proposed to her. Anne went through nine pregnancies but only three survived infancy. When Elizabeth the 1st died he became king and united England and Scotland. James was called King James VI when he ruled Scotland 1567-1625 and England from 1603-1625. He died on March 27, 1625.

Family Tree

Control over the seven area's

Government: James believed no one had power over him, and he made the decisions and laws for the people he ruled over.

Church: James would not allow Puritan reformation. The Puritans had wanted reforms to purify the English Church of Catholic practices.

Military: Clashed with Parliment over money. Foreign policy, he needed funds for war.

Legal System: Funds for lavish court. When members wanted to discuss foreign policy before voting. James would collect taxes on his own. He had agreed to Divine Right.

Social Structure: James thought the social structure for the economy should be that he makes all decisions. This caused trouble with the Parliment when the issues with money came up.

Economy: James believed he was chosen by God to be the sole ruler of England. He thought kings should be able to create laws for the economy, not Parliment.

Culture: James wrote a novel "The True Law of the Free Monarchies" basically stating Kings have the right over everything, including culture. He created a Bible so people could better understand it and become closer to God.