The Thief Lord

Cornelia Funke

The Author

Cornelia Funke is a very popular childrens author and illustrator (mostly for her own books) famous for The Thief Lord, Dragon Rider, and other novels/series. Her books were first published in America in 2002. Her Purpose for writing The Thief Lord was to show how children care for eachother even under the worst circumstances. Like The Thief Lord, most of her books are meant to educate and inspire kids rather than to relate and inform subjects. She has many experience working with children and is highly motivated by them.

The Plot

Five orphans are grouped together out of the kind nurture and housing of The Thief Lord in dreamy Venice, Italy. Through the story they try to do their best in the real world by surviving off looting and bargaining. They hide in secrecy to avoid going back to their gruesome caretakers or even worse, orphanages. Families, authorities, and the struggle of the real world make it harder on them every day. Can they keep it together, or will they have to go back?


My review

This book was very pleasing to me. You could say it was very alike The Outsiders alongside of runaway children with allott of bad family histories and their story of surviving on their own. An upside to this story though, is that the characters have much more realistic personalities. I can also say that it was full of storyline and brought each event into the next very well. I'd recommend it to anyone who's careless of the reading level, but besides that it's a well put together book with a great story mixing many genres and teaching great lessons too.