Tech Time Newsletter

September 8, 2015

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Classroom News

  • Kinderdogs are going to begin small group stations with iPad, Smart Board, and logging on practice.
  • First grade continues to create their All About Me Power Point Presentation.
  • Second grade continues to create their All About Me Word document.
  • Third grade through Fifth grade will Journal this week with Google Docs.

iPad Student Introduction

Last week and this week students are viewing a short video about using the iPads and basic iPad rules. Each class is spending about ten minutes afterward exploring the iPads. The whole unit is located on the Staff Drive under Belmont and then Technology.


With the explosion of social media in the twenty-first century, our students have access to share information with people all around the world. The impact of blogging as a social media tool is enormous, and increasing each day. According to What Matters: Blogs and their Impact on Society, Technorati has tracked the growth in blogosphere since 2003, and states, “blogs have doubled every five months for three straight years.”
The benefits of student blogs supported by research include: an authentic audience for students’ writing that impacts the quality of their posts and comments, learning how to maneuver through the maze of the Internet, disseminating information gathered from research in the most effective way, and a way to build a connection with families and the audience by contributing to an online community.

Mrs. Linda Yollis, a third grade teacher, has been blogging and using various technology tools since 2010. She writes on her blog page, “When I first started blogging, I thought the posts would be the primary focus of the blog. I quickly realized that the comment section was where the blog came to life.” Her standards for student and class blogs are high and an adult must proofread before publishing comments. The students in her classroom derive great pride in generating first-rate writing for their authentic global audience, this community conversation is extremely motivating for them. One of the exciting benefits she sees in blogging is the student participation from home. Frequently, students choose to comment on the class blog or class photo-of-the-day project during their free time. Here is her classroom blog url where she has some great resources for teachers too:

The Benefits of Blogging!