Tiger Lily

By: Jodi Lynn Anderson

Smore By: Chandler Dixon


When looking at the title of this book, it is likely that the reader will think of the story of Peter Pan and the little Indian girl named Tiger Lily. However, what the reader might have expected the book to be about might be the exact opposite. Yes, the book is about a girl named Tiger Lily, but not the same Tiger Lily from the classic Peter Pan. This is a Tiger Lily that will be totally unexpected leading the reader through an unpredictable journey. The author Jodi Lynn Anderson is a writer who takes the classic story in a totally different direction. Tiger Lily may not be anything like the original Peter Pan story but the reader will most likely become mesmerized while reading because they're in for a captivating adventure.


The story takes place on a peculiar island called Neverland, where there are mythical creatures, pirates, lost boys, and many other uncommon things. The island is a magical place because everyone who lives on it, never grows old. Which explains how the story is told over the course of eighty years, yet the main character in the story still remains fifteen. Although the story/setting isn’t believable it's still relatable because of the classic story it's based off of. (There wasn’t a time period included in the book.)


The protagonist in the story is Tiger Lily. Though in most fairy tales the main character is usually a beautiful girl that resembles a perfect princess, in this story the main character is the exact opposite. Tiger Lily is a native girl who is wild and reckless. She doesn’t open up easily to anyone and she isn’t quick to fall in love. The village she lives in keeps their distance from her because she isn’t like the other girls in her village. She’s curious, brave, and strong which is why the reader will fall in love with her. She’s so different yet she’s so beautiful.

Another important character in the story is the boy Tiger Lily fell in love with, the leader of the lost boys, Peter Pan. Peter resembles Tiger Lily in many ways. He’s also brave, strong, curious, and all the things Tiger Lily is, but she’s just a little faster, and stronger, and braver than him which scares him when he thinks about loving Tiger Lily though he would never tell anyone that. But Tiger Lily changes Peter, just being around her makes Peter more open and vulnerable, which Peter imagined wasn’t possible. He fell in love with Tiger Lily but an unfortunate chain of events prevented them from living happily ever after.

Tinker Bell was also a significant character in the story, given she was the narrator. Tinker Bell watched over Tiger Lily’s life ever since she was little and tried to protect her the best she could despite the fact that she was the size of a dragonfly and couldn’t talk. Even though Tinker Bell didn’t seem like she could play a role in Tiger Lily’s life, Tiger Lily always knew she was there. Tinker Bell also fell in love with Peter but she knew that they would never work out so she decided the next best thing was watching Peter and Tiger Lily fall in love. She tries to help Peter and the lost boys by protecting them too from the pirates on the island who want Peter dead, but they don’t always listen to her which almost leads to their destruction.

Lastly, the antagonist in the story is Hook. He is the leader of all the pirates on the island and is the mastermind of all the plans that go on. Hook often gets drunk in the story which leads him to tell stories about his past that he would never speak of when he was sober. He tells his crew that he was a smart boy who grew up working in a factory in order to pay for his books. When one night he fell asleep at a machine that cut out the soles of shoes. And instead of the material of the sole going into the machine, his hand did, which explained to the crew why he wore the hook over his missing hand, thus giving him the name Hook.

Point of View:

The story is in third person omniscient because Tinker Bell is the narrator of the story. However, she is able to read all of the characters minds in the book, so the reader is aware of what each character is thinking and doing.


Introduction: The book started off by introducing Tinker Bell with a back story of why she left her home and how she found Tiger Lily. Ever since she found Tiger Lily, she watched over her and has tried to protect her from all of the beasts, mythical creatures, and trouble of Neverland.

Inciting Incidents: Tiger Lily’s dad was not like the other men in the village. In fact, he wasn’t Tiger Lily’s real dad. He found her in the forest abandoned and took her in, to take care of her. But the village had rules. In order for him to keep Tiger Lily, he had to agree to an arranged marriage for her, when she was of age. However, she wasn’t in love with the man she was supposed to marry, she was in love with Peter. So, Peter and Tiger Lily made a deal, they would marry each other instead, and they could live together without anyone finding them ever again. Tiger Lily just needed two days to say goodbye to her friends and family. This was one of the inciting incidents. The other inciting incident in the book happened because Tiger Lily’s dad didn’t act like the other men in the village. He dressed, and had long hair like a woman. When the Englander Tiger Lily saved told the village that God wasn’t happy with the way her dad was living, they decided one morning while Tiger Lily was still asleep, to publicly shame her dad. They cut off his long hair and made him wear regular clothes instead of the dresses he always wore. Tiger Lily tried to stop the Englander from cutting her dad's hair off, but she got there too late. Over the course of a few days he became depressed, and while Tiger Lily was away visiting Peter he drowned himself in the lagoon. She was devastated and unable to hold up her part of the deal to meet Peter to get married. After a few weeks she came to find Peter but only to see that he had become interested in another girl.

Rising Action: One night Tiger Lily visited one of Hook’s crew mates and they decided they were going to emerge a plan to get rid of Peter Pan. (Tiger Lily wanted Peter dead because he found a new love. One who had fair skin and was more of a girl than Tiger Lily could ever be. Tiger Lily wasn’t the murderer type, but when her father had died, and Peter abandoned her for the new girl, named Wendy, Tiger Lily lost herself, so she wanted both of them dead.) The crew mate told Hook, but Hook was scared of Peter because he knew he was no match for him, so they came up with a plan that would kill Peter and Wendy without any pirates getting hurt, they were going to drown them with the help of the mermaids.

Climax: Peter and Wendy were on a rock in the lagoon and were bound to drown at any moment because of the rising tide. Tiger Lily changed her mind about wanting to kill the two of them so she swam across the lagoon with a boat, in order to save them, but the mermaids in the lagoon had other plans. They were vicious and hunted anything that swam in the water. Though Tiger Lily and the pirates made a deal with the mermaids, one of them wanted Tiger Lily to die all along, so when Tiger Lily swam across the lagoon, the mermaids attacked her in a swarm, as if they were sharks. However, Tiger Lily was faster and stronger than all of them, even in the water. She stabbed one of them with her dagger and came to the surface of the water. She then gave the boat to Peter and Wendy and swam back to the shore of the lagoon without saying a word.

Falling Action: Peter and Wendy had made it safely back to shore and they were planning to leave the island on the ship, which Wendy came. Tiger Lily heard of the news of the ship because of the Englander. They had come back for him. Before Peter, Wendy, and the lost boys left, Tiger Lily went to their home. She found Peter alone, packing up the last of his belongings. She asked him if he was really going to do this.

He replied, “Yes.”

She asked, “How could you do this to me, I thought you loved me.”

and Peter replied, “I did but I only loved some parts of you.”

Tiger Lily said, “I won’t wait for you.”

But Peter didn’t reply. He just walked past her and started for the ship. She didn’t follow, but she did however wait for him in a house away from the village, away from any human life. It was convenient for Tiger Lily because it looked over the sea. She saw the ship sail and she saw people get off the boat before it set sail in the sea. She hoped Peter was one of those people who got off. She waited days and days in that house without food or water. Tiger Lily was on her way to her death as she laid in the bed of the house. She talked to Tink as if she could say something back, but she knew she wouldn’t get a reply. And before she was able to die from malnutrition, her friend Pine Sap rescued her.

Resolution: Peter never came back for Tiger Lily, instead he went to go live with Wendy in London. They had kids together and Peter did grow old, while Tiger Lily was back in Neverland still fifteen. Fifty years later Tink flew over to London to see how Peter was doing. He was not the same adventurous, strong boy she once knew. He was now old and his hair was gray, and he lost all the sparkle in his blue eyes. Disappointed Tink flew away not saying anything to Peter. She returned back to Neverland years later and found Tiger Lily once again. She had been married, but not to the person she was arranged to marry, (he was killed) she was married to her friend who rescued her from the house that looked over the sea, Pine Sap. They lived in the isolated house and had their own children. But it wasn’t till years later that Tinker Bell found a note Tiger Lily hid, that Peter wrote her many years ago. He said that he still loved her and he regretted leaving her, but at the same time he didn’t. He said he saw her everywhere he looked and he missed her and he would always be her Peter.


The author's underlying message is to not judge a book by its cover. Just because Tiger Lily wasn’t the prettiest girl didn’t mean she didn’t have a beautiful heart. That’s the reason why Peter and the rest of the lost boys fell in love with her. The story teaches the reader to be comfortable in their own skin and not worry about looks, but to focus on what's on the inside.


Tiger Lily was given a pearl that was on a chain from the Englander she rescued. He said it was his wife's and for Tiger Lily not to lose it. Then later in the story before Tiger Lily and Peter knew each other, Peter stole the necklace from her. Tiger Lily then went on a hunt for Peter and found him and the lost boys sleeping in a place they had built underground. She tried to take the necklace back from Peter while he was sleeping but when she reached for the necklace he opened his eyes and recognized it was her. This is the moment when they began to get to know each other. After spending the day with Peter and the boys he gave the necklace back. Tiger Lily said it represented Peter and how she kept him as a secret in her heart. This shows that the pearl necklace symbolized promises, trust, and love. It was once used in the marriage of the Englander and his wife but now is passed on to Tiger Lily and Peter’s relationship.


The conclusion did give the reader a sense of closure but it won’t be what they were expecting. The ending takes an unexpected turn which will leave the reader feeling heartbroken. By saying this, I bet you can guess that the ending wasn’t satisfying for me. I wish it could have had a happier ending like most fairy tales. But when I started reading the book I already knew it was going to be something totally different from the original fairy tale, so I don't know why I expected the story to be what I predicted. Despite the fact that that the ending wasn’t what I expected it to be, I still loved the book.


The book Tiger Lily is most likely to take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute the words on the page will have the reader feeling wrapped up in the love that Peter and Tiger Lily share, like it is their own love story that they are experiencing. But then, an unexpected twist is not too far around the corner, which will have the reader in pure suspense leaving them unable to put the book down. And then in the end, the book will make the reader upset and leave them reminiscing on what could have been but never was.


I’d give this book a 10/10 rating because I was taken on a magical love story so real that it was almost tangible. I felt as if this love story was one that I was actually a part of. I loved the fact that the author was able to connect myself as the reader into a story that is almost impossible in reality. Even though the ending wasn’t my favorite, (because it didn’t end the way I predicted it to) I still loved the book. And the ending showed me that even make believe stories don’t always have happy endings, which taught me that life definitely doesn’t always have happy endings, but we should enjoy each and every event that leads to our ending, whether it's happy or sad.
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