Bill Gates

A biography by:Micheal Bryan

Basic information

Bill Gates is still alive. Bill Gates made Microsoft with Paul Allen. Bill Gates is smart, and positive. Bill Gates had 3 kids 2 druthers, and 1 son.


Bill Gates was born in Seattle Washington, October 28, 1995. Bill Gates had a very good relationship with his mother Mary Higgins.Bill Gates also had a good relationship with his father Bill Senior. Bill Gates enrolls in Harvard in 1973.


Bill Gates marred Melinda French. Bill gates and Melinda had 3 kids Jenifer, Roy , and phoebe. Bill gates met a guy named Paul Allen , together they made Microsoft. Bill Gates had a very good effect on society. Bill gates is still alive today.


Bill Gates had many obstacles in his way of his dream, Privet Elementary did not have the money for computers. Bill Gates did not take much risks though.

Impact on society

Bill Gates has always had a good effect on society. I chose Bill Gates because he has always been interesting to me when I found out he made Microsoft.The events that shaped Bill Gates life his smarts. The legacy Bill Gates left was Microsoft. I would describe Bill Gates as smart, and positive.